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  EC-505 Tiger HAP FSX (6) 
EC-505 Tiger HAP FSX image 1

Tiger HAP is an air-to-air combat and fire support medium-weight (6 tonnes) helicopter fitted with 2 MTR 390 engines. It is daytime and night combat capable and is operable in NBC environments. Three basic parameters were taken into account right from the start ...

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  FSX MH-53 Stealth a comprehensive suite electronics (3) 
FSX MH-53 Stealth image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

MH-53 Stealth has a comprehensive suite of electronics allowing the aircraft to avoid terrian radar threats. Fitted with state of the art stealth technology the helicopter has a vast range and the means which no other airframe can perform. Used in special ...

Downloads: 1561 | 94.75 MB
  FSX CH-46 Stealth introduced 1964 a dual rotor heavy lift (18) 
FSX CH-46 Stealth image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

CH-46 was first introduced in 1964 as a dual rotor heavy lift helicopter. Over 600 airframes were built, this one is one of the legendary black Helocopters used by the C.I.A, it has been retro fitted with state of the art stealth radar whisper modes make this ...

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  an update flight simulator X acceleration CH-46 SEA Knight (5) 
an update flight simulator X image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

The CH-46 SEA Knight by Rory Kelly. I have changed the instruments gauges in the virtual and 2D cockpits, otherwise it is the update I did for it for FS2004. This is the whole aircraft. Bob Chicilo.

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  AGUSTA HH-3F a full bundle aircraft and panel Flight (3) 
AGUSTA HH-3F full bundle aircraft and image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

For Flight Simulator 2004 (Flightsim FS2004 FS9) This file also works on FSX, but the panel (default gauges) and sound configuration might require some changes. BIG THANKS to my collegue Italo DAttomo for his suggestions and for giving some gauges. Any comments ...

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  Nemeth Designs Eurocopter EC135 - Wales Air Ambulance  
Nemeth Designs Eurocopter EC135 - Wales Air image 1
Textures Only

- Textures for Nemeth Designs Payware Eurocopter EC135 - Wales Air Ambulance. Both G-WASN Helimed 57 based at Swansea and G-WASS Helimed 61 based at Caernarfon are included. Model and paint kit - Nemeth Designs, Wales Air Ambulance repaint developed by John ...

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  Nemeth Design AS322L2 Super Puma Repaint (1) 
Nemeth Design AS322L2 Super Puma Repaint image 2
Textures Only

CHC Helikopter Service CHC Norway New Old Colors Textures repaint by Kristoffer K Rivedal -

Downloads: 1451 | 3.04 MB
  Flight Simulator X France Navy AS365 Dolphin helicopter (4) 
Flight Simulator X France Navy AS365 Dolphin image 2
Textures Only

Textures exclusively for the Antti Pankkonen model

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  Flight Simulator FSX FS2004 AH-64D Apache Longbow USAF (12) 
Flight Simulator FSX/FS2004 AH-64D Apache image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Package includes virtual cockpit, firing guns and cannon. Press o and i to fire. Enclosed effects must be added. AH-64 Apache created by Tom Woods and Mark Adams. Features: model, panel, Dynamic Virtual Cockpit, sounds, special effects like red smoke, ...

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  EC-505 TIGER ARH FSX UHT Untersttzungshubschr auber Tiger  
EC-505 TIGER ARH FSX UHT image 1

Untersttzungshubschrauber Tiger; Ger. supporting helicopter Tiger) is a medium-weight multi-role fire support helicopter built for the Bundeswehr (German Army).The Tiger UHT is a multi-role fire support helicopter. The Trigat Fire and Forget missiles and or the ...

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