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FSX CH-46 Stealth. CH-46 was first introduced in 1964 as a dual rotor heavy lift helicopter. Over 600 airframes were built, this one is one of the legendary black Helocopters used by the C. I. A, it has been retro fitted with state of the art stealth radar whisper modes make this a urban weapon of the future.. . Now. by Dunken Avionics

Filesize: 85.90 MB | Added on: May 29, 2010 | Downloads: 7129

Users Reviews
FSX CH-46 Stealth introduced 1964 a dual rotor heavy lift. Rating: 4.53 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

1770052475-facebookrating: 3
May 8, 2014
Windows aren t even see through or transparent. Needs Improvement A lot of IMPROVEMENT
captcessnarating: 1
August 3, 2013
Sucks Big Time
frrr3rating: 9
November 6, 2012
100000881150858-facebookrating: 6
May 30, 2012
strongking43rating: 1
June 29, 2011
I am very sorry to say this, but this helicoptor is just a piece of junk. m goning have agree with most the peopls s ratins below me...there no outside, has pretty bad interior ever seen, and it was hard download. mean make aircrafs for fsx... really disappointing
fc_05561658971263056987rating: 1
October 23, 2010
WHERE IS THE OUTSIDE stealth rating 10 modeling 1
636rydax619rating: 1
September 19, 2010
HSimpsonrating: 3
September 4, 2010
dont download. vc is good but, well ...thats all there so a waste of 5 hours downloading
fc_16853713195307654498rating: 3
August 26, 2010
They mean stealth as in there is no visible outside. All you can see 2 side panals and looks incomplete. Flyable though
swindonnemorating: 1
August 14, 2010
Matt black no surface textures. As far as I can see this is just a new model for the EH101. Not worth download.
andy_vhrating: 9
July 15, 2010
tom5587rating: 4
July 1, 2010
i can fly it, but its just black with green windows.... maybe did something wrong
jiberjiberxrating: 10
July 1, 2010
raffelderafrating: 1
June 28, 2010
After install, only a shadow of the chopper appeared with no actual form.
NicoF92rating: 9
June 9, 2010
timmy101rating: 5
May 31, 2010
not that good
stevgary13rating: 10
May 29, 2010
Have not downloaded it yet.