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P3D FSX Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion. Classified Marine Edition, Classified Navy Edition, and Classified Presidential Edition variations. by Dirty Dunken. The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the United States military. As the Sikorsky S-80 it was developed from the CH-53 Sea Stallion, mainly by adding a third engine, adding a seventh blade to the main rotor and canting the tail rotor 20 degrees. It was built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps. The less common MH-53E Sea Dragon fills the United States Navy need for long range minesweeping or Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) missions, and perform heavy-lift duties for the Navy. Under development is the CH-53K King Stallion, which will be equipped with new engines, new composite material rotor blades, and a wider aircraft cabin. P3D V2+ Certified.

Filesize: 118.85 MB | Added on: Jun 09, 2010 | Downloads: 27136

Users Reviews
P3D FSX Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion. Rating: 9.12 of 10 over a total of 25 reviews.

Clearspiritrating: 1
October 15, 2020
ive went thru over 15 repeats of the same download after watching 20 videos and ads every time it stops sends me right back again saying there is a network issue, funny how theres none while video on. Pathetic, great if you can get it.
clearspiritrating: 10
October 2, 2020
A great thanks to Rory Kelly for his fantastic interpetation of the greatest chopper all time. To this day when it comes reliability there will be no question. Although Huey is always been there, until baffles were attached everyone within 20 miles knew they coming. Alot credit those combat pilots. You relly enjoy ipgraded version, and only one with HMX1, was around time that helio equipped another jet engine. Most dont know about vast fleet HMX, are Presidential Versions in real life over 10 variants from Osprey , 60s, 76s, 53s, stealth. Ive seen em come go i lived on flight pattern. Thanks Dirty Dunkin man a plan SurClaro having such download available free. fsx Sea Dragon would perfect collection.
fireilan7074193-googlerating: 10
September 30, 2018
the best of chopper ever
ghostbear041474193-googlerating: 7
July 22, 2018
it looks amazing on the outside but has stock EH 101 Merlin VC.
100000193328752-facebookrating: 9
January 12, 2018
Great helicopter
frodonos1rating: 10
November 3, 2017
Have to agree, this helicopter is a real freeware jewel. Highly recommended.
2062512130441061-facebookrating: 10
September 10, 2017
This Ch 53 is the most accurate that you will find on microsoft program for 2017, and up to this chopper thats been internet some time , happens be only website has it, i have Nemeth, virtavia but there are still minor issues with flight dynamics perameters. ideal, ive flying 53s since 1973 present of all choppers in military field one would trust, huey, a prime example wore torn horse keeps truckin. Im glad they finally decided bapples were used. The thing cant stand being bush knowing anyone within 10 miles knew huey was coming where it headed. Some bravest men known my career those flew Nam.Great site great products.The product above ten Dunkin, king developer world.
GeneralAlfaragerating: 9
April 26, 2016
Very great helicopter AWESOME
100003957124065-facebookrating: 10
December 7, 2014
705654244-facebookrating: 9
December 6, 2014
I have flown this aircraft in a variety of challenging circumstances and always found it to be stable platform from which operate. Great bird.
byers.evan62-googlerating: 10
July 28, 2013
StonewallUSMCrating: 10
June 3, 2013
Flew this a few years back 2008 I believe. Changed computers couldn t find the disc id savced it on. Flawless. Ive just retired from Marine corps and We were first to see three turbines 53s come into action was so much different than hueys , 47s 49s. Fantastic job best ive seen since 53 hit fs9. creator passed. This si far better lot of that payware out there.Semper Fi
100000902310378-facebookrating: 10
September 24, 2012
A few things to keep in mind The details of this thing are immense No really, is a flawless copter file pretty big and know that you ll need good PC drive baby. But when do, oh man, she flies like dream If FSX, Addon Excelent work thanks
nanaarsinrating: 10
May 29, 2012
100001024088485-facebookrating: 10
April 22, 2012
what is the classafild about
lewisandbutchrating: 10
November 24, 2011
dan-googlerating: 8
November 24, 2011
Great little helicopter, but the filesize is rediculous The level of detail staggering, so make sure you ve got a decent computer before even think taking this baby for spin
ledgerrating: 9
November 21, 2011
Great helicopter However the file size is huge.
500250511-facebookrating: 9
June 18, 2011
very good...
NathanM151rating: 10
May 8, 2011
very interresting
Lievensailorrating: 9
March 20, 2011
Very nice I wanted to see how a big helicopter flies, keep it stable like in rescue etc. This gives you great feeling of it, the installation help is very poor however for that 9 not 10
fc_02196293911324071296rating: 8
December 26, 2010
Nice helicopter, tx dude
100000006855054-facebookrating: 10
July 29, 2010
1391441113-facebookrating: 10
June 29, 2010
I could tell by the way it looks that was hard to make. Good Job
rylerating: 10
June 18, 2010
there is no speed limit on this ..I hit around 500 knots Good detailed liveries.