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Scenery VFR Balice for FSX. AUTHOR Lothar Tomczyk & Jakub Mista with cooperation of all persons mentioned in Acknowledgement. The scenery VFR Balice for FSX is freeware scenery and is an converted pack of the old add-on series of VFR Balice ext. I and VFR Balice ext. II Krakow for use in FSX. This is a modified old scenery for use in FSX with new ground textures and with many attitudes. The use of the scenery for commercial purposes or for purposes that can harm people is strictly prohibited !!! The Work on the entire series of VFR Balice scenes started in 2005 and have required several thousand hours of work. Every day in free time and the work even cause the health effects of the performers. For this reason, the scenery is occupied with Copy Right. The intellectual owners of the scen
Show more... ery VFR Balice for FSX are Lothar Tomczyk and Jakub Mista. A detailed documentation was made for each part of this work. This concerned. the photographic material for the production of textures, preparation of objects and models created with the GMAX software, the processing of purchased geodetic materials, the creation of XML, MGL, GBL and other intermediate files the upload of the scenery The use of the individual objects, textures and files or the modernization of the files of the scenery is strongly prohibited !!! If these requirements are not met, a legal action may have to be taken in accordance with the applicable regulations. The refresched add-on sceneries actualized and adopted to FSX can be downloaded from avsim. com, simviation. com, flightsim, Flight Sim World and fs freeware. com. All END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT and copyright information s included in the README file of the old add-on sceneries. OLB, VFR Balice and the VFR Balice ext. I, VFR Balice ext. II and VFR Balice ext. II Krakow, are hold true for the installation and for the use of the scenery VFR Balice for FSX. IMPORTANT The scenery illustrates in a symbolic form a 3D models of objects and monuments located on the ground texture of the city Krakow. A small part of the landmarks objects are covered with original photo textures whereas the majority of the 3D models are presented an imaginary objects and covered with substitution textures. All models of buildings are presented in standardized form and covered with imaginary textures according to the topographical location. The 3D models are designed only for enhancement of the flight reality in FSX and have not connection to the existing objects and his location. The 3D models presented in no case an exactly copy of the real objects. The addon-scenery could not be used for verification and validation of the modeled objects. INSTALLATION. 1. Extract the zip file in a directory of your choice using the option Use folder Names. 2. Name the new folder for example VFR Balice. 3. You find in this folder the. installations file VFR Balice for GSX. exe as zip-data with Addon sceneryPolandVFR Balice for FSX Objects Localization. jpg Readmefor VFR BaliceKrakow for FSX. txt Rights to install and use agreements. txt VFR Balice 2020. bmp 4. Execute the installation file in a separate catalogue and then copy the scenery to the FXS. 5. start FSX and add the file VFR Balice for FSX to the scenery list in Scenery Library. 6. Exit FSX 7. Restart FSX 8. After installing this scenery you can try adjusting the settings in FSX for the best results. An uninstall. exe file will be created if you install the scenery. When uninstalling scenery using any other uninstall software, delete only files included in the scenery VFR Balice for FSX. IMPORTANT NOTES. 1. Make sure the VFR Balice for FSX scenery is on higher priority from EPKK and lower priority of Poland mesh terrain sceneries. 2. The scenery includet textures for summer season and for winter season. The seasonaly textures should be manualy in FSX installed, 3. It is suggested to use an improved mesh of FSX for Poland. SOFTWARE AND CREDITS. GMAX. for objects design, FSflatten by Steve Greenwood with all required additional files and softwares. a utility for creating flatten bgl files, Picture Publisher from Micrografix. for textures, Paint Shop Pro v. 5. for textures DXTbmp by Martin Wright. to converting of images, BGLcomp. for compiling of scenery, MDL Tweaker by Arno Gerretsen. for mdl files editing, FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. to retrieve data from FS. ModelConverterX by Arno Gerretsen SBuilderX Orthophoto textures from CODGiK (please read the COPYRIGHT INFORMATIONS) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The separately objects in the add-on scenery could be designed only by cooperation with following colleagues and support with his photographical collections. 1. The Castle Wawel Jakub Mista and Jacek Adamski (www. zamki. rotmanka. com and jadaatrotmanka. com) 2. The monastery Na Skalce Jakub Halun (http. commons. wikimedia. org wiki Category. ChurchofSt. StanislausinKrak w and Galleries 1 and 2) 3. The Galeria Krakowska, Hotel Andels and Main Station Wojciech Maj (http. wmdesign. pl) 4. The Theatr Groteska and buildings at Szczepanski square Marcin Janik (www. groteska. pl) 5. Collection of old postcards from the old town Krakow Maciej Motak (www. ronet. pl) 6. Collection of images from city Krakow outside of Planty Pawel Wawrzynowski (Skyscrapercity. com) 7. Facade of tenements projected by Talowski in Krakow from image collection of author Cancre from http. fr. wikipedia. org wiki. Licence. [CC-BY-SA 3. 0 ] 8. Facade of Muzeum Witrazu from image collection of author Cancre from http. fr. wikipedia. org wiki. Licence. [CC-BY-SA 3. 0 ] 9. Facade of DomPodGlobusem from image collection of author Cancre from http. fr. wikipedia. org wiki. Licence. [CC-BY-SA 3. 0 ] 10. Collection of images from http. pl. wikipedia. org wiki Kosci lOpiekisw. J zefawKrakowie and http. pl. wikipedia. org wiki Kosci lNiepokalanegoSercaN ajswietszejtszejMary iPannywKrakowieul. Smolensk of author Pawel Swiegoda (Paberu) Licence. [ CC-BY-SA-2. 5] 11. Collection of images from http. pl. wikipedia. org wiki RynekKleparskiwKrako wie of author necrothesp. Licence. [CC-BY-SA] 12. Collection of images from http. www. skyscrapercity. com of author Marcin Kubis (Monastery of Instytut Marii, Palac Puszetow, Rynek Podgorski, Dom Ohrensteina, Seminarium Duchowne, Szkola Miejska, Teatr Miniatura, Kosci lsw. J zefa na Podgorzu) 13. Images from http. pl. wikipedia. org wiki WSD Diecezji Sosnowieckiej w Krakowie of author Stanislao 14. Image of Kosciol Niepokalanego Poczecia Najswietszej Maryi Panny w Krakowie of author Pudelek from http. pl. wikipedia. org wiki. Licence. [CC-BY-SA 2. 5, 2. o, 1. 0] 15. Images from photo collection of colleage Paul van Hoven. 16. Images from photo collection of colleage Artur Apryjas and help by designing. There was also very helpful the acquired education from Googlemap as well as the informations from uploaded images on the websites of Wikipedia and Wikimedia by following authors. AGH, author signet as Nazin by Wikipedia Uniwersytet Jagielonski Jan Melich by Wikipedia Filharmonia Krakowska author signet as Prbr by Wikipedia Biblioteka Jagielonska Rymarek by Wikipedia Muzeum Narodowe Marcin Zielinski by Wikipedia Ratusz dawnego miasta Kazimierz, Kosciol Sw. Krzyza, Kosciol Sw. Katarzyny, Synagoga Wysoka by Jakub Halun from Wikipedia Hotel Forum author signet as Wizzard by Wikimedia Hotel Shareton Nemuri by Wikimedia Kosciol Sw. Marka author signet as Cancre by Wikimedia Budynek Miejskiej Kasy Komunalnej Kumorek by Wikimedia Budynek przy ul. Pijarskiej author signet as Rj1979 by Wikipedia Akademia Rolnicza Jaroslaw Kruk by Wikipedia Debniki Atamano by Wikipedia Kosciol Sw. Barbary author signet as Pko by Wikipedia Dom Slaski Delimata by Wikipedia The copy right of all above mentioned owners remain untouched. COPYRIGHT INFORMATIONS. BEFORE INSTALLATION OF VFR BALICE for FSX ADD-ON SCENERY FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR FSX READ CAREFULLY ALL THE README TEXT CONTENT AND LICENCE AGREEMENT! WITH THE INSTALLING OF THIS PRODUCT YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS TERMS, YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSTALL AND USE THE software AND THE DATA ENCLOSED IN ADD-ON SCENERY FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR FSX, COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT. This scenery is freeware. It may be freely distributed, but must not be included on any commercial CD or part of any commercial package either in full or in part. This scenery may not be altered and redistributed without the author s consent (this limitation does not concern screenshots). No files and no textures, including no bgl files may not be subject to use and further corrections, modifications and processing! The scenery is an intellectual This add-on takes advantage of ortho photo textures from national geodetic store (resource) CODGiK with permition only for Authors of the scenery for publikation and with following attantion. Orthophotomap which is the content of this report, is a state resourse of the geodetic and cartographic materials maintained by the General Geodetic and Cartographic Surveyor of the country Poland under the provisions of the Act of 17 May 1989 Geodetic and Cartographic Law (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 193, item. 1287). Users of these materials have no right to their reproduction, sell, share or otherwise for for advertising and sales purpose of the content, in whole or in part. The scenery add-on does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use in terms of their. correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise. The entire risk occure of use of the scenery package remains with you. Authors of this add-on are not liable for any damages caused by its use and the installation procedure. The authors will accept no responsibility for damages, real or perceived. Contact for opinion and suggestions. Lothar Tomczyk ltomczykatt-online. de Show less...

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One of the very best Old World New scenery available for Flight Simulation community, made by one most respected websites.