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EC-505 Tiger HAP for FSX. Tiger HAP is an air-to-air combat and fire support medium-weight (6 tonnes) helicopter fitted with 2 MTR 390 engines. It is daytime and night combat capable and is operable in NBC environments. Three basic parameters were taken into account right from the start of the development phase: low (visual, radar and infrared) detectability, which provides excellent survivability on the battlefield, maximum efficiency of the weapons and the associated fire control systems without heavier workload for the crew, and an optimized logistic concept offering minimum possession costs. The Tiger HAP is fitted with a 30-mm gun turret, 68-mm submunition rokets, and air-to-air Mistral missiles. It also features a firing sight with 3 sensors: infrared, TV camera and direct optical channel. The complete avionics suite includes multi-purpose color displays and radar laser warning receivers. TIGER UHT The Tiger UHT is a multi-role fire support helicopter.

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Users Reviews
EC-505 Tiger HAP FSX. Rating: 7.67 of 10 over a total of 6 reviews.

supersonicfifirating: 7
May 22, 2013
my favorite helicopter
blackhawkdown88rating: 10
January 25, 2012
sweet heli
NathanM151rating: 10
May 8, 2011
it is very good download now
fc_rating: 5
January 8, 2011
It s a good helicopter, but hard to control. I wouldn t get the full version.
misterlaurens96rating: 7
August 4, 2010
nice helicopter
NicoF92rating: 7
June 9, 2010
good but demo version.