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  FSX Boeing 738 Panel V2 dual monitors (1) 
FSX Boeing 738 Panel V2 dual monitors image 1

This panel is for use with computer operating systems and video cards that can horizontally span the display across two monitors. It contains the captain and first officer panels which in most commercial airliners are not exact duplicates providing a more ...

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  FSX Panels Red Piper Cub  
FSX Panels Red Piper Cub image 1

A red panel to go along with the default red paint scheme. By Andy Johnston.

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  Boeing 767 Panel FSX  
Boeing 767 Panel FSX image 2

Copyright (c) 2011 Pasquale Rinaldi.All rights reserved. December 2011 E-mail Thank you for downloading this panel. A complete and realistic panel highly detailed for the Boeing 767. Installation. Unzip the contents of Boeing767FSX.ZIP file ...

Downloads: 3603 | 1.96 MB
  B-58 panel FSX a revision originally JR Lucariny and  
B-58 panel FSX image 1

This is a revision of the It was originally created by JR Lucariny and previously modified by Bob Chicilo. If you dont already have the aircraft, search on for file Ive attempted to make the apperance more like that of the actual cockpit, ...

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  Beech B1900D - 2D panel FSX  
Beech B1900D - 2D panel FSX image 1

Based on the default KingAir 350 with modified bitmap, default FSX or newly made xml gauges . Can be used with many KingAir models but particularly with the B1900D based on the AI model by Henry Tomkiewicz made flyable by Chris TeamNutmeg Thompson or Tom Tiedman. ...

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  FSX SP2 P3D Prepar3D V2 Acceleration panelgreen Waco  
FSX SP2 P3D Prepar3D V2 Acceleration panelgreen image 1

Classics Monster. Original model from Lynn and Bill Lyons. Repaint from David Grindele. Reworked panel (FSX original gauges) by J F Tomas. (Requires. from Credits. Thanks to Lynn and Bill Lyons (original model), to David Grindele ...

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  FSX Mooney Bravo partial glass panel  
FSX Mooney Bravo partial glass panel image 1

Created using default gauges for a different look. Panel reworked with all Microsoft gauges. by STARSEED PRODUCTIONS LLC.

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  Messerschmitt -163 B Komet Panel  
Messerschmitt -163 B Komet Panel image 1

FS2004 FSX photorealistic 2D jury for Warwick Carters fantastic Messerschmitt Me-163 B Komet. (Requires me163b zip. for FS2004 or fsxme163 zip. for FSX). The board and the gauges are twin(a) the VC. Included are 8 cameras with swell outside and cockpit views, f i. ...

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  FSX Panel Ayrus c560  
FSX Panel Ayrus c560 image 2

Based on the FS2004 Aryus mention stand out but waving real fountainhead on FSX SP2 P3D Prepar3D V2 Acc Dx9. Bitmap from a photo by Dmitry Belov with his tolerant arrangement - see as well Airliners net. About the gauges. See the particular readme txt. about the ...

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  FS2004 FSX panel Camera sound  
FS2004/FSX panel Camera sound image 1

Features for the Vietnam helicopter Bell Huey UH-1 using the FSX adaption from Eric Buchmann (requires Using the numpad in FS9 or by toggeling the views in FSX, virtual views of the cabin, a gunner, left and right guns are provided. Special sound ...

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