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  ISDT Beechcraft Super King Air B200 Virtual Cockpit  
ISDT Beechcraft Super King Air B200 Virtual image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

This update adds a virtual cockpit to the ISDT King Air B200 for FSX, and so it requires the ISDT King Air B200 FSX Model Pack V1.0 (Open Gear Bay Version) available at http. projects projects.htm. The VC is fully functional, including. - ...

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  Piper Meridian III Paenl FSX  
Piper Meridian III Paenl FSX image 1

This Concept panel is intended for a single Turboprop Aircraft such as the PMONS Piper MeridianIII or similar aircraft using my concept PFD Gauge as well as many default gauges and a few modified default gauges for better functionality. This panel was designed as ...

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  FSX POSKY Boeing 777 Panel FIX  

Installation (Remember you need the origanal updated panel) 1. Place the msvcr70.dll file in FSX Root 2. Place the Boeing777-300.gau, & the Panel.cfg in the panel folder For any question, E-Mail me at.

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  FSX Boeing 777 Panel Posky (1) 
FSX Boeing 777 Panel Posky image 1

And VC textures compatible w POSKYs 777 & FSX - Credit. The Panel, and VC textures where original made by Project OpenSky, then updated by gritob01, all I have done is put them into a package. Installation Instructions. (For Panel) 1. Download the latest ...

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  FSX new panel and flight dynamics cessna 172 SP  
FSX new panel and flight dynamics cessna 172 image 2

Package includes new instrument panel and gauges which replaced the default fsx Cessna 172 panel and alsonew real aircraft flight dynamics.Aircraft Flight DynamicsI changed the aircraft weight, fuel, Moments and Performance properties to fit exactly to the Cessna ...

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  FSX Rollus F-8 Crusader PNEL  
FSX Rollus F-8 Crusader PNEL image 2

Requires the file This better represents an F-8E instrument panel. It comes with some new gauges and replaces the HUD with a gunsight. The vc panel alone is changed. The 2D panel is not changed. Instructions. Place the folder panel.F8E into your ...

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  SWingmans Grumman J2F Duck panel  
SWingmans Grumman J2F Duck panel image 2

DuckPanDCB1 A 4. 3 ratio 2D Panel created for SWingmans Grumman J2F Duck in FSX. There are two configurations. One has the normal Compass and Artificial Horizon Indicators, the other has Sperry Compass Heading Autopilot, Sperry AHI Pitch Autopilot and GPS. Both ...

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  FSX Boeing B767 Panel (1) 
FSX Boeing B767 Panel image 1

This comes from an old FS98 panel by Eric Ernst which is one of the best jobs I have seen, even better than many so-called realistic panels for later FS releases. Since I greatly missed this panel, then I have reworked it for FS2004. All gauges react to panel ...

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  Airbus A380 Panel FSX (1) 
Airbus A380 Panel FSX image 2

Copyright (c) 2011 Pasquale Rinaldi.All rights reserved. April 2011 E-mail Thank you for downloading this panel. Highly detailled panel for Airbus A380. Installation. Unzip the contents of AirbusA380FSX.ZIP file to a temporary folder. Open ...

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  FSX Boeing 747 Panel V2 dual monitors  
FSX Boeing 747 Panel V2 dual monitors image 1

This panel is for use with computer operating systems and video cards that can horizontally span the display across two monitors. It contains the captain and first officer panels which in most commercial airliners are not exact duplicates providing a more ...

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