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  T-33 panel Microsoft FSX  
T-33 panel Microsoft FSX image 1

By Mel Mutter INSTALLATION. Place panel folder in aircraft folder. Exstract Gauges first and put in FSX gauge folder. Gauges extract and but in FSX gauge folder Some of these gauges were made by other people and I would like to thank them ...

Downloads: 1369 | 3.20 MB
  FSX default Cessna Caravan Panel rework  
FSX default Cessna Caravan Panel rework image 1

Tired of trying to see over the dashboad of the FSX default Cessna Caravan (2D panel mode)? THis is a modification to the default C208 2D panel. This panel is made from the default Caravans gauges with a couple of the switchs graphics reworked. The panel ...

Downloads: 1740 | 3.46 MB
  Boeing 747-400 Panel FSX  
Boeing 747-400 Panel FSX image 2

By Pasquale Rinaldi.A complete panel, highly detailed for the Boeing 747-400.

Downloads: 2124 | 2.18 MB
  2D Wide panel - Britten Norman BN-2 Islander FS9 and FSX  
2D Wide panel - Britten Norman BN-2 Islander image 2

FSX. 2D panel to be used with any Britten Norman BN-2 Islander. This panel is especially made for wide screen in high resolution 1920x1080 pix. It should work in lower resolution as well if the ratio is maintain in 16 9th. At least, I hope so, because I didnt ...

Downloads: 1450 | 2.71 MB
  FS2004 FSX Boeing 777 panel dual monitors  
FS2004/FSX Boeing 777 panel dual monitors image 1

This Panel requires a computer operating system and video card that can span the display across two monitors. A working knowledge of how to set up the displays is assumed by the author. I have not made any of the gauges. They are either default or third party so ...

Downloads: 1554 | 13.81 MB
  FSX 2D Cockpit Panel Transavia PL12 AirTruk  
FSX 2D Cockpit Panel Transavia PL12 AirTruk image 1

Built by Dean Stringer This panel is based on photographs of real AirTruk aircraft cockpits and can be used as a 2D panel in conjunction with any AirTruk model. The Transavia PL-12 Airtruk is a single-engine agricultural biplane aircraft designed and built by the ...

Downloads: 1228 | 658.42 Kb
  MD80 panel flight simulator X  
MD80 panel flight simulator X image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Made by Marco Spada using an original bitmap and assembling default and various authors xml gauges. This panel is FREEWARE - copyright M.Spada.

Downloads: 1594 | 37.08 MB
  FSX FS2004 panel Fairey Firefly  
FSX/FS2004 panel Fairey Firefly image 2

Features for the Fairey Firefly from A.F.Scrub. My features provides an original Firefly Flightstick, a VC navigators seat with map and gauges and wingmen at the left and right side. My panel features works in a different way in FSX and also in FS2004 with only ...

Downloads: 1148 | 1.85 MB
  FSX Panel and camera features Lockheed C-5 Galaxy  
FSX Panel and camera features Lockheed C-5 image 1

From Alphasim now The features provides driveable payload. There is a Abrams and a Leopard tank, a Humvee, an old US-Truck and a modern german fueltruck. That vehicles are eqipped with appropriate sounds and all can be moved within the cargo room, ...

Downloads: 1231 | 9.75 MB
  Alphasim PBY Catalina Panel Update  
Alphasim PBY Catalina Panel Update image 3
Special Effects

FSX panel bitmaps, cameras and weapon effects for the PBY Catalina from Alphasim, now Virtavia freeware. Requires direct download from The panel bitmap is improved by headover throttles and a typical Catalina yoke. There are 5 internal and 3 ...

Downloads: 1351 | 764.84 Kb