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  FSX Northwest Airways WACO airmail fleet  
FSX Northwest Airways WACO airmail fleet image 4
Complete Aircraft with VC

This package includes the Golden Age Simulations CTO models represented as the Northwest Airways WACO fleet being operated as an airmail service in 1929-1936. The staff consists of a historical fleet (in two configurations - with or without engine jacket and ...

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  FSX Boeing B-9 metal bomber produced USAAC outrun fighters  
FSX Boeing B-9 image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The Boeing B-9 was the first all metal bomber produced for the USAAC. It could outrun the fighters of that time frame. This is a native FSX project. It has textures with specular shine. The VC has animated controls and the gauges are back lighted. The ...

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  FSX Sikorsky S-40 Amphibian Fix (1) 
FSX Sikorsky S-40 Amphibian Fix image 1

For use if you are using flight simulator X and the Sikorsky S-40 amphibians wont load any more. file (with Sikorsky S-40 amphibians NC-80V American Clipper and NC-81V Caribbean Clipper) can be used in fs2004 or flight simulator X with the ...

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  FS2004 FSX Sikorsky S-40 Pan Clipper (1) 
FS2004/FSX Sikorsky S-40 Pan Clipper image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

S-40 was first Pan Am airplane to be named Clipper. Four-engine amphibian built in 1931. Carried up to 32 passengers and 5 crew with a range up to 900 miles at cruising speed of 115 mph, mostly in Caribbean service. Includes textures for NC-80V American ...

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  FS2004 FSX Sikorsky S-40A Southern Clipper (4) 
FS2004/FSX Sikorsky S-40A Southern Clipper image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The S-40A was an upgraded S-40 with improved Hornet engines, higher performance. NC-752V Southern Clipper was delivered to Pan Am in 1932 as S-40, and all three S-40s were upgraded to S-40As in 1935. Landing gear were removed and the planes were used as flying ...

Downloads: 1991 | 7.66 MB
  FSX Handley Page HP81 Hermes Ver 2 (2) 
FSX Handley Page HP81 Hermes Ver 2 image 2

The HP81 Hermes was a British airliner from 1948, used by BOAC for its African routes in the early 1950s, and then by various charter companies for the next 10 years. Five variants are included here: BOAC (early and late), Airwork, Air Safaris and Skyways. ...

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Textures Only

Repaint for a DC-3 in service from Swiss Air Lines in neutrality-markings during WW2. Textures only; requires DC-3 C-47 from JustFlight for FSX SP2 ACC. This repaint was created by using the original paintkit released with the aircraft. Thank you for download ...

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  FSX Keystone B-6A Huff-Daland company acquired Aircraft (2) 
FSX Keystone B-6A image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

The Huff-Daland company which was acquired by the Keystone Aircraft Corporation produced several bomber designs for the USAAC. The B-6A model entered service in 1927. This is a native flightsim X Acceleration model. It has the usual animations and .dds ...

Downloads: 2010 | 1.93 MB
  FS2004 FSX Latecoere 631 Flying Boat (2) 
FS2004/FSX Latecoere 631 Flying Boat image 5
Complete Aircraft with VC

In 1936 the French Air Ministry issued a specification for a large transport flying-boat capable of carrying 40 passengers over 6,000 kilometers against a 60kmh headwind. Construction of the Late-631 started in March 1939 in Toulouse but was interrupted created ...

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  FS2004 FSX CR32 biplane (1) 
FS2004/FSX CR32 biplane image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

This is a full package (aircraft and panel) for FSX FS 2004. This is a complete remake for flight simulator X of my CR32 biplane (Jan 2006 for FS 9) featuring a new (photographic) panel, model, two textures, minipanel and virtual cockpit. The Fiat CR 32 was ...

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