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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 FSX CR32 biplane. This is a full package (aircraft and panel) for FSX FS 2004. This is a complete remake for flight simulator X of my CR32 biplane (Jan 2006 for FS 9) featuring a new (photographic) panel, model, two textures, minipanel and virtual cockpit. The Fiat CR 32 was characterised created by its elegance and superb manoeuvrability. During the years before the world war II was flown in the Squadriglia Folle italian aerobatic team. The pilots loved this plane and credited it as the best designed created by Ing. Celestino Rosatelli. It was also flown at the beginning of the W. W. II. , but soon, outperformed created by modern monoplanes, was dismissed. The camouflage texture of the model represented here, is the one displayed in Vigna Di Valle Italian Air Force Museum, painted
Show more... with the spanish colors of the escuadrilla cucaracha where it was used in real air and ground attack combats. The other is painted as appeared in 1935 advanced military pilots aerobatic training. The CR32 really carried two airspeed indicators. The model : it features the usual animations, such as flight controls, spinning wheels, pilot scannig the sky etc. The textures and panel have been created entirely from photos taken created by myself during a visit at the museum. Some special gauges have been created created by Capt. Italo DAttomo, while the others are default FS gauges. The Virtual Cockpit is now more detailed, with working essential gauges and animated flight controls. Show less...

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