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FSX Northwest Airways WACO airmail fleet. This package includes the Golden Age Simulations CTO models represented as the Northwest Airways WACO fleet being operated as an airmail service in 1929-1936. The staff consists of a historical fleet (in two configurations with or without engine jacket and landing gear pants), powered by 330 hp Wright R-975E engine and a pack of two airworthy survivors with 365 hp R-975E-1. Apart the original model and basic texture the package also includes all necessary liveries and two new VC panels. REFERENCES (for a plane with R-975E-1). Maximum Indicated Airspeed 180 kts Maximum Speed 150 kts at sea Level Normal Cruise Speed 120-140 kts true Best Climb Speed 100-110 kts indicated Best Glide Speed 80 kts indicated Stall Speed 44 kts indicated Best Rate of Clim
Show more... b 1500 2000 fpm at 100-110 kts 1900-2000 rpm Service Ceiling 19, 000 feet Wing span. 303 top 26 3 bottom Wing area. 227 sq Length. 226 Empty Weight. 1800 pounds Useful Load. 1100 pounds Gross Weight. 2900 pounds Engine. Wight Whirlwind R-975E-1 max power 365 hp at 2, 100 RPM compression ratio 6. 1. 1 supercharger gear ratio 7. 8. 1 octane rating 73 dry weight 660 lb (300 kg) Fuel capacity 60 gal INSTALLATION. Just unpack the package and put the staff to the main FSX directory. A panel folder originally includes files for a wide-screen monitor. So in case of a normal monitor use files from panel. normal folder. DETAIlS. The panel staff consists of a VC panel and auxilary mini-panel for outside view flying. The gauge set is arranged for IFR flights. To make the engine start-up more realistic I made a strict sequence. the engine will not work if you do not open the throttle 1 8 at least and strike the primer a couple of times before depressing the start button. Vladimir Gonchar Show less...

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