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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Fs2004 uh-1h 1st helicopter squadon. The 89th air wings 1st helicopter squadron. Uses the uh-1n for vip and military staff. Transport in the washington, dc area.. 69-6609, ship 09 is represented here on. A uh-1h due to absense of a uh-1n in fs2004.. Original aircraft, textures, and panel by. Jordan moore.. Textures repaint by christopher trott for the vusaf.

Filesize: 2.73 MB | Added on: Jun 10, 2004 | Downloads: 3680

Users Reviews
FS2004 uh-1h 1st helicopter squadon. Rating: 8.25 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
November 24, 2010
JK7294rating: 8
March 7, 2005
Accurate handling and nice paint.
gravytrainrating: 5
July 24, 2004
This aircraft is missing animation effects. pilot doesn t even move If you going to spend the time make a great looking then effects as well
lac14rating: 10
July 6, 2004
Great Chopper. its the only huey i ve found that has landing lights. Also, love virtual cockpit. this download comes with to paints. blue one works but green is not finished. over all it a great chopper