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Custom 206 helicopter bundle for fs2004: by steve hanley, october 2003. This bell 206 has been modified and tuned by steve hanley, from a tailored flight model by dr. Steve baugh that makes it fly much better than the stock model. Custom sounds including start-up and shut down sounds by operating reference book gonzalez, a hud panel, tailored minipanel and a tailored start-up panel, that allows you to start this chopper as you would a real one. Read all instructions in the: tailored 206 helicopter bundle read-me. Html prior to installation and use. Questions or comments may be directed to me at: shanley0620_at_roger s. Com

Filesize: 7.71 MB | Added on: May 16, 2004 | Downloads: 3077

Users Reviews
Custom 206 helicopter bundle FS2004 steve hanley october. Rating: 8.90 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

rollerotorrating: 10
May 18, 2006
i can only say its great
insptamrating: 10
November 6, 2005
Superb flyer and great sounds
EnDSchultzrating: 9
September 28, 2005
I give it a 9. Great mod for the Jetranger. Love HUD system. is lot better at helping you hover than traditional artificial horizon Would have given 10, but didn t simply because hoverpilot as call it, very unstable on high realism settings and rocks back forth, therefore requiring some human assistance. All needs to fix that lower corrections makes cause overcorrects lot. Other that, great aircraft.
lepaperating: 9
September 11, 2005
ahah and a hover autopilot, awesome i just cant belive it, very nice one. lot of info in the numerized panel.
jaydannyscottrating: 1
August 24, 2005
strechrating: 10
February 10, 2005
This bird flys like a dream. Get it and enjoy
zipkicker5rating: 10
February 3, 2005
CHADUSMC03rating: 10
August 30, 2004
i love what you put into it. got an awesome deal on my old 205. if do not have this upgrade, like a plumber time ago, gotta take the plung. will wnt to trade in your chopper for 1. it kicks ass
wildcatsrating: 10
June 13, 2004
this has got to be the most realistic helicopter I have flown date. Great detail and maneuverability. Love it , logged numerous hours on machine.
biggjoe_2rating: 10
June 1, 2004
This has to be one of the best and most stable helos I ve seen yet, without giving up realism. Great work all around. Flies great just right features