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Westland aerospatial as330 puma hc1, the workhorse of battlefield support helicopters in the royal air force since the early 1970s.. . I hope you have as much fun flying this model as i have had creating it. I must give my thanks to dirk fassbender for supplying his permission the use his puma sound file, easily the best available. Also for the immense inspriation the he has given me with his successful range of super puma and cougar aircraft.. . I also have to thank martin “gizmocat? 1; benson, dirk fassbender again and antti pankkonen for their work on the easy autopilot gauge used here. by Brian Franklin

Filesize: 9.64 MB | Added on: Jun 13, 2004 | Downloads: 6337

Users Reviews
Westland aerospatial as330 puma hc1 workhorse battlefield. Rating: 5.56 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

Terzi1985rating: 6
May 4, 2011
little graphics bugs but okay
3287rating: 1
February 17, 2005
mavestarrating: 7
December 28, 2004
This is the best helo i have ever flown. It flys like a dream. Well done that man woman Cheers.
ambaszrating: 7
August 20, 2004
Nice one Too bad it hasn t got rotor wash.
heliwantrating: 8
July 21, 2004
quite good i havent had any problems with it flys fine if a little bit twitchy the model is very accurate apart from rudder animation sound
Smooth_as_ya_likerating: 7
July 10, 2004
This is an ok add on, saying in words of the model looks pretty well designed and all, one thing though sound effects are good but don t change accordance with throttle ....oo
Chedserrating: 10
July 9, 2004
beebrating: 1
July 8, 2004
not an aircraft i would like to see in the sky. sorry
vicdonrating: 3
June 18, 2004
It seems everything works in reverse, like the throttle and pilot s feet. I can t get engines to start properly or them up sufficient power aircraft take off even move on ground . a pity as model looks great is otherwise quite good.