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  Fs2000 fs2002 Wind Kite mabe (5) 
Fs2000/fs2002 Wind Kite mabe image 1
Complete Aircraft

Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.4. This Plane Is Based On The Japanese Animation Movie nausicaa. This Model Does Not Have Moving Parts. But, Gear Down - Up Command Changed To Standing Mode - Cruising Mode. Flight Dinamics Based On Fuji Jasdf T-3 ...

Downloads: 3023 | 691.92 Kb
  Ufo original Design Gerry Andersons Tv Series . Work (3) 
Ufo original Design Gerry Andersons Tv Series image 2
Complete Aircraft

Same Name.) Should Work In Fs2000 2002. Features: Model From Dxf File Found At Axeman 3d Models ( Assmebled Using Fs Design Studio. Panel From Public Domain (mig-at) .air File From Harrier By M. D. Anderle Sounds, Textures ...

Downloads: 1944 | 1.73 MB
FS2002 Star Wars MARS GUO'S PODRACER VERSION 2 image 1
Complete Aircraft

This little pod is a Star Wars fan's dream. The panel needs some work, but it is a truely fun aircraft. It can fly, VERY FAST!!! by Germin Login

Downloads: 7374 | 3.33 MB
  FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon (37) 
FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon image 3
Complete Aircraft with VC

A GMAX craft the Falcon is fully animated with a Virtual dynamic cockpit fitted with fold away guages to provides a good field of view when sight seeing. Side door opens and landing lights e.t.c. also included. This craft is intended to be flown using the virtual ...

Downloads: 15253 | 3.41 MB
  FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter red 5 (17) 
FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter red 5 image 1
Complete Aircraft

The famous and glorious Star Wars hero aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002 By Thomas B. Beard (mtbeer)

Downloads: 9995 | 339.59 Kb
  Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701 7 Land And Virtically (8) 
Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701/7 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Take Off Virtically Or Horizontally Making This Aircraft A Very Manouverable Thing To Fly. By Ryan Clarke.

Downloads: 7621 | 47.05 Kb
  FS2000 StarWars Fighter  

Another Aicraft Similar To The Shuttle I Have Also Made But This Is Designed To Look Like A Fighter By Ryan Clarke

Downloads: 2404 | 31.88 Kb
  FS2000 98 Cfs2 Cfs XL5 Fireball and ScenerySpace City (5) 
FS2000/98/Cfs2/Cfs: XL5 Fireball and image 1

City(Fs2000 only). A craft from the 1960s TV show. It was basically a rocket with wings, enabling it to take off like an aeroplane and fly in by Reg Hill. Flight Simulator model by Austin Tate. Further details at ~bat GA ...

Downloads: 4470 | 827.94 Kb
  Detailed FS2002 Naboo Fighter Model With R2 Droid & Pilot (2) 
Detailed FS2002 Naboo Fighter Model With R2 image 1
Complete Aircraft

& Naboo Pilot Free Max2.x Model From Olivier Couston Converted To Gmax With Texture Version 1.0 Work In Progress (my First Attempt With Gmax And Ms Mdl Sdk) By Pascal Deleporte Have A Nice Fligt Over Coruscan City May The ...

Downloads: 4866 | 1.83 MB
  Shuttle Pack FS2002 (1) 

Includes Three Versions Of Shuttle, With Booster Rocks, Reentry And Standalone. Includes Sounds And Panel By Vanessa Leightower.

Downloads: 3470 | 2.20 MB