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  Fs2000 fs2002 Wind Kite mabe (5) 
Fs2000/fs2002 Wind Kite mabe image 1
Complete Aircraft

Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.4. This Plane Is Based On The Japanese Animation Movie nausicaa. This Model Does Not Have Moving Parts. But, Gear Down - Up Command Changed To Standing Mode - Cruising Mode. Flight Dinamics Based On Fuji Jasdf T-3 ...

Downloads: 2314 | 691.92 Kb
  Ufo original Design Gerry Andersons Tv Series . Work (3) 
Ufo original Design Gerry Andersons Tv Series image 1
Complete Aircraft

Same Name.) Should Work In Fs2000 2002. Features: Model From Dxf File Found At Axeman 3d Models ( Assmebled Using Fs Design Studio. Panel From Public Domain (mig-at) .air File From Harrier By M. D. Anderle Sounds, Textures ...

Downloads: 1122 | 1.73 MB
FS2002 Star Wars MARS GUO'S PODRACER VERSION 2 image 1
Complete Aircraft

This little pod is a Star Wars fan's dream. The panel needs some work, but it is a truely fun aircraft. It can fly, VERY FAST!!! by Germin Login

Downloads: 6554 | 3.33 MB
  FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon (37) 
FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

A GMAX craft the Falcon is fully animated with a Virtual dynamic cockpit fitted with fold away guages to provides a good field of view when sight seeing. Side door opens and landing lights e.t.c. also included. This craft is intended to be flown using the virtual ...

Downloads: 14299 | 3.41 MB
  FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter red 5 (17) 
FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter red 5 image 2
Complete Aircraft

The famous and glorious Star Wars hero aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002 By Thomas B. Beard (mtbeer)

Downloads: 9165 | 339.59 Kb
  Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701 7 Land And Virtically (8) 
Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701/7 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Take Off Virtically Or Horizontally Making This Aircraft A Very Manouverable Thing To Fly. By Ryan Clarke.

Downloads: 6783 | 47.05 Kb
  FS2000 StarWars Fighter  

Another Aicraft Similar To The Shuttle I Have Also Made But This Is Designed To Look Like A Fighter By Ryan Clarke

Downloads: 1607 | 31.88 Kb
  FS2000 98 Cfs2 Cfs XL5 Fireball and ScenerySpace City (5) 
FS2000/98/Cfs2/Cfs: XL5 Fireball and image 1

City(Fs2000 only). A craft from the 1960s TV show. It was basically a rocket with wings, enabling it to take off like an aeroplane and fly in by Reg Hill. Flight Simulator model by Austin Tate. Further details at ~bat GA ...

Downloads: 3615 | 827.94 Kb
  Detailed FS2002 Naboo Fighter Model With R2 Droid & Pilot (2) 
Detailed FS2002 Naboo Fighter Model With R2 image 1
Complete Aircraft

& Naboo Pilot Free Max2.x Model From Olivier Couston Converted To Gmax With Texture Version 1.0 Work In Progress (my First Attempt With Gmax And Ms Mdl Sdk) By Pascal Deleporte [email protected] Have A Nice Fligt Over Coruscan City May The ...

Downloads: 4025 | 1.83 MB
  Shuttle Pack FS2002 (1) 

Includes Three Versions Of Shuttle, With Booster Rocks, Reentry And Standalone. Includes Sounds And Panel By Vanessa Leightower.

Downloads: 2679 | 2.20 MB