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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon. A GMAX craft the Falcon is fully animated with a Virtual dynamic cockpit fitted with fold away guages to provides a good field of view when sight seeing. Side door opens and landing lights e. t. c. also included. This craft is intended to be flown using the virtual cockpit and the main panel is for reference only. Effects include a blue plasma trail, that glows in the dark, and cannon provided by Owain Robinson from Planesimulation. The Falcon can land and takeoff conventionally or Vertically. Please read the readme file. By Steven Robinson.

Filesize: 3.41 MB | Added on: Oct 13, 2002 | Downloads: 15121

Users Reviews
FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon. Rating: 8.89 of 10 over a total of 37 reviews.

100000538210885-facebookrating: 7
December 3, 2010
good work now whe need more of these planes for fsx then i can rate it to an 10
michael633rating: 10
July 15, 2010
it awsume nice work
vcollinsdrating: 9
July 2, 2010
One of my favorites
jkdamanrating: 7
March 8, 2008
Well....... It is an outstanding craft. I mean Han Solo And Chewbacca would be proud. But use flight sim 2002 and the instrument panel SUCKS Does anybody have suggestions on replacing
SuperNormrating: 9
April 24, 2006
Yeah, the Falcon starts rockin and rolling a bit above 50,000 ft. But under that ceiling, she s got it where counts kid .
psychopathic1978rating: 9
January 19, 2006
fast and fun, just can t take off vertically or semi without crashing....
harlekinrating: 10
January 16, 2006
A dream came true The Falcon. Awesome One of a kind. Works on FS 2004 as well.
Blondie_boyrating: 10
August 5, 2005
pretty decent
deltaromeomissionmanrating: 9
July 28, 2005
Very, very cool...vitually flawless the only thing i wish it could do is take off vertically like antigrav engine supposed to...instead of dragging its feet to takeoff velocity. ps absolutely love pop up guages in vc
BeefyPenguinrating: 10
March 12, 2005
Great job, the detail is perfect, virtual cockpit great and it very fun to fly. Easy 10 PS I also would like see a flyable star destroyer hint
Hypnoticduderating: 10
February 2, 2005
this is brilliant
Quickstick2004rating: 9
July 20, 2004
Broonrating: 9
April 30, 2004
Woo Hoo IT WORKS IN FS9 2004 Apart from crashing the program once ive had no probs, so what, i have a millenium falcon, WOO HOO Looks at home in desert Nice work mate.
spirittoorating: 6
February 22, 2004
It s a nice ship, but I could not get it to take off vertically. Am missing something
lukeskywalkerrating: 10
February 4, 2004
this is an awesome ship. I absolutely love it One minor gripe though. agree with the others about having better handling at higher altitudes. Other than that, gets a perfect score.
mrhobgoblin1rating: 8
December 9, 2003
jontomrating: 10
August 13, 2003
Kronotaurrating: 10
July 2, 2003
Very nice, but how about a flyable star destroyer OR SUPER STAR DESTROYER I MUST HAVE A
Togtossenrating: 8
June 24, 2003
startfinishbizrating: 10
June 4, 2003
Well, I added my own TR 3B panel and airfile Aircraft.cfg to get it up Mach 4.7 FL800 But this model is really great, very well detailed, the minutest part. All best compliments wanted give an 11 ...
KissTheGoatrating: 10
May 13, 2003
alan021esrating: 10
April 29, 2003
EHRickyrating: 10
April 21, 2003
cole1151rating: 8
April 18, 2003
at mach 2.65 she started to rock and that flipped around alot
masterofmupetzrating: 10
March 15, 2003
cool craft
hermesrating: 10
March 10, 2003
anexusrating: 9
March 7, 2003
I agree with Flyerman. It should have greater acceleration Power. Nevertheless a great machine.
Flyerman11rating: 9
February 8, 2003
The only thing missing is the Wookie So why not a 10 High altitude performance degrades too fast, this Space ship, it should have plenty of power left at FL800 That s 80,000 feet for those who didn t know
brutikisrating: 9
January 26, 2003
Fun to fly.
salser071rating: 10
December 26, 2002
haploniousrating: 10
December 8, 2002
Thank you so very much. This is frickin awesome
tyrbekrating: 5
November 14, 2002
klockyrating: 4
November 8, 2002
Fawn100rating: 10
October 16, 2002
This ship is just amazing Not only it fast, but its also very manueverable. The virtual cockpit really cool too. I love the effects has, such as plasma trails key and opening bay door Shift E . add on has got to be a must have.
burnuprating: 10
October 14, 2002
Excellent quality rendition of the Millenium Falcon for Star Wars fans. Also great to fly, handles well and an extreme top speed at sea level getting around. Steve Robinson has also extended envelope in virtual cockpit design with this one
kachatrating: 10
October 13, 2002
samuraibrewerrating: 5
October 13, 2002