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Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701 7 This Can Land And Take Off Virtically Or Horizontally Making This Aircraft A Very Manouverable Thing To Fly. By Ryan Clarke.

Filesize: 47.05 Kb | Added on: Aug 16, 2002 | Downloads: 7647

Users Reviews
Fs2000 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ncc-1701 7 Land And Virtically. Rating: 7.63 of 10 over a total of 8 reviews.

sunnydazerating: 8
May 1, 2007
quidwrathrating: 7
November 29, 2005
I think it s fun to fly, but needs animation and a new panel. Good job, though.
driverdkhrating: 10
June 12, 2005
I d say this person has a really wild imagination Works well in FS2004, but the cockpit needs work yea i know, is for 2000 lol D. Awesome job
sgtflippyrating: 10
October 5, 2004
i call it dream son, if every one only sees whats availible out there right now, no progress will be made so ever. imagine you lived in the 1920 s people suggest to make plane of metal, what would think that they are not taking aviation seriously always those odd ideas propell progress, conservatism thats a word, any ways this is good model.
pilot_willrating: 2
July 3, 2004
This is the most ridiculous structure I ve ever seen. Pictures speak a thousand words my friend, that tells you something. How are earth can over 4,000 people download that...thing. Well anyway, gave 2 only to give credit person who made it. Other than that, this something wouldn t recommend. take Aviation seriously. joke.
Vietrating: 8
June 2, 2003
xoyesdadrating: 7
April 27, 2003
I like the look but hard to land and needs a different panel
Aramilrating: 9
April 2, 2003
A really awsome flight vehicle, and I love the look of it