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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Fs-2004 aircraft the scoop the scoop is a fictional single-seat, twin engine taildragger. Great for vfr or ifr, the scoop make available almost unrestricted visibility in all directions. The model is fully animated, including a moving canopy, controls and props. It has a tailored panel using mostly msfs default gauges. A full working virtual cockpit is also included. By andy johnston.

Filesize: 396.13 Kb | Added on: Mar 22, 2004 | Downloads: 1564

Users Reviews
Fs-2004 aircraft scoop a fictional single-seat twin engine. Rating: 8.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

InsuredDisasterrating: 7
March 29, 2004
I have to give animations and virtual cockpit high marks. The pilot moves as well all the levers such. THe guages are visible move even when you outside looking in. shape is very glider looking, with its aspect ratio. While testing stalls thing flew lousily. shut engines down it didnt glide far. For a plane that resembled glider, fly like one. opend up cfg file found be virtually identical Baron. gear entries which were off half way in runway pavement changed but little else. Because planes appearance was so skewed, got fairly low marks for that, textures nothing special. Landin easy, part Baron flight model, due visibilty of Scoop. However, designer would do reduce brake effectiveness wanted tip over nose brakes applied. Overall, superb cockpit, rest model could improved.
DYLFLYBOYrating: 10
March 27, 2004
It looks a little strange, but it flies quite well. I haven t been able to find any flaws yets.