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FS2004 Uh-60 Blackhawk Two Colours And 3 Liveries (24)

Fs2004 Uh-60 Blackhawk Available In Two Colours And 3 Liveries. Colours: Olive Green sand Liveries: Standard Troop Transport aux Tanks Designed By Hovercontrol This Uh-60 Is Excellent Quality. Includes tailored panel and a very detailed fully working virtual cockpit. Jordan Moore Copyright. Uploaded By Tim Horgan

Filesize: 7.43 MB | Added on: Feb 11, 2004 | Downloads: 9060

Users Reviews
FS2004 Uh-60 Blackhawk Two Colours And 3 Liveries. Rating: 8.67 of 10 over a total of 24 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
January 5, 2011
DALITO1rating: 8
August 4, 2008
los detalles estan bien hechos
Spartan2Erating: 10
April 26, 2007
Awesome, can t stop flying with it
Parky1rating: 9
February 20, 2007
The best helo ive downloaded, only problem is with the hover, as soon you hit 0kts it starts going wild
sunsetartsrating: 10
April 2, 2006
If you didn t get any gauges, probably loaded it wrong. There s no problem on my machine. As for excessive shimmy at speeds, crank your realism settings closer to max off the easy button and she flys like a dream. ya want know more about this chopper others, check out You can ask designer, Jordan Moore problems re having with download
EnDSchultzrating: 7
September 28, 2005
It s specs say it over 10k lbs but the load says max gross weight is 3200. Jetranger... Unless download corrupted doesn t include any of gauges except autohover, all which are replaced by learjet gauges. The model great, just seems to yaw way too much for a chopper size. could be lot better.
rockyptcrating: 10
September 2, 2005
kudos on design and flight dynamics. all around easy to fly hover. this is one aircraft that deserves the praise of anyone downloads it. fun watch main rotor start shutdown with engine control. thank you for time put into it make a worthy add fs2004. much better than default helicopters chris N.Y.
8492rating: 7
July 31, 2005
Cant land
doubleRrating: 9
January 29, 2005
this is an very good add on, I m not the best sim pilot but even can handel it good. looks are realistic panels nice too. realy, download heli if creator of chopper makes other model than pleas warn me Ruben Lammens ps gife a 9 because nothing be totaly perfect
clippermusorating: 10
January 21, 2005
Excellent VC with clear gauges, twitchy dynamics at high speed making nap of the earth flight as much a challenge it should be, custom sound. Easily beats several payware Blackhawks I ve got. Not too hungry on processor when flying VC. One my favourite aircraft.
aw2pilotrating: 8
November 12, 2004
capflt2626rating: 10
September 25, 2004
Excellent add on Cockpit and VC are excellent. Outer textures superb. From my limited knowledge of flight characteristics a Blackhawk, I would say these dynamics realistic. A must have for all you chopper fans.
headnotrating: 6
July 9, 2004
Although this helicopter has details that are Ok, the model is not great.
MadRodeoClownrating: 10
June 25, 2004
Best helo I ve downloaded. Complete with a hover autopilot, top speed of up to 230 knots in shallow dive , and the best design ever seen, this chopper rules.
chewetrating: 7
March 22, 2004
Beautifully done visual model but flight dynamics of a 4 seater jetranger loaded it up with 12 troopers and fell out the sky
Gamedragrating: 10
March 9, 2004
This plane is very cool, i like it much, just the movie black hawk down
IJMACrating: 9
March 6, 2004
One of the best choppers ever. I found it one most stable aircraft to fly dynamic cockpit is first class.
fenerbahcerating: 10
March 3, 2004
this is great
Maximus7030rating: 9
March 1, 2004
One of the best Helis ive ever downloaded. good for long flights but if u fly backwards she goes everywhere. Get it, it is v.
lad900rating: 9
February 22, 2004
navstrikerating: 9
February 19, 2004
Excellent model, the virtual cockpit is excellent for small deck shipboard landings. Requires fine touch to fly accurately.
sivadniarbrating: 8
February 16, 2004
Everything cosmetic works well and the v cockpit is good, but flight dynamics could use work. The second you start flying 1 kt backwards she yaws wildly. Damn good job, easy to install.
flynnstrrating: 4
February 14, 2004
alfie1234567890rating: 9
February 13, 2004