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Fs2004 Mcdonnell Douglas Av8b Harrier Ii Plus Primary Function: Attack And Destroy Surface Targets Under Day And Night Visual Conditions. Excellent Flying And Hovering Performance. Includes Moving Ailerons, Rudder, Nosewheel Steering, Flaps And Nozzles. Two Panels Included. Acsgps (freeware) And Fsnavigator (shareware) Compatible Version For Fs2002 Had 15440 Downloads Model And Paint By Jim Atkins. Fs 2004 Adaptation And Flight Dynamics By Alejandro Villa

Filesize: 5.19 MB | Added on: Nov 10, 2003 | Downloads: 11847

Users Reviews
FS2004 Mcdonnell Douglas Av8b Harrier Ii Primary Function. Rating: 5.52 of 10 over a total of 27 reviews.

yosuaimanuel07-googlerating: 6
July 27, 2012
Not bad.
mrawesome445rating: 1
August 8, 2010
blackvetterating: 1
October 21, 2008
dont bother. needs some work.
andyredrating: 10
November 11, 2007
324971373rating: 1
May 8, 2007
Strange and funny.
isaacinfinityrating: 1
August 14, 2006
this plane is crap don t download it its a waste of time honestly hardly flies either like was made for the crapest flight sime in world even worse than 98
mossie2rating: 8
April 30, 2006
lots of fun no problem loading with fs manager.
beanyrating: 1
January 14, 2006
dont bother waste of time just even install
BRIGHTBOYrating: 1
February 4, 2005
It says this plane is for fs2004 but there no landing gear When you try to hover it jus tips forwards and its uncontrolable. If your thinking of downloading don t bother
exile34rating: 9
January 9, 2005
great job the only reason its not a 10 is no vc ... oh well hovering fun 2 fly and why do idiots rate it 1 when they messed up installing o.O
beebrating: 4
July 8, 2004
not very detailed needs work
headnotrating: 5
July 7, 2004
It s OK. I think it could have been detailed a little bit better. m not trying to put this aircraft or creator down, but flown
alejandrorodriguezrating: 9
June 5, 2004
so good
cddrostrating: 7
May 13, 2004
fokker77rating: 10
April 18, 2004
It is an excelent Harrier model
playahater_28rating: 7
January 31, 2004
MarkDenyerrating: 7
January 29, 2004
Good model, it s a bit difficult to fly at first, nice use of the flaps command alter nozzle position. Worthwhile downloading As point intrest, in real situaions, Harrier doesn t take off vertically, but can do if has no weapons, and nearly empty fuel tank hence its designation as STOVL Short Take Off Vertical Landing
thegoodlookerrating: 10
January 25, 2004
Good plane but the reason i give it a 10 is because its BRITISH, not American. So why isnt there an RAF one available. The US buy them, they didnt make them. America should stick to fatty foods.....not planes. Leave that us British. I.E. Harrier, spitfire and concorde. Best planes ever flew skies ALL WERE BRITISH
rouge_fighterrating: 10
January 22, 2004
good detail on the plain and nice to fly
Gidseyrating: 7
January 10, 2004
best amount of fun ever
PunkyBrating: 1
December 8, 2003
Mad zip file
romeo3rating: 9
November 21, 2003
fun aircraft
dr_breakerrating: 3
November 17, 2003
Geoffersrating: 7
November 16, 2003
Nice AV8B Bit hard to fly but once mastered not bad.Got U C ok on my D load. Pity no v cockpit
caverating: 4
November 14, 2003
GPD420rating: 4
November 11, 2003
Killshiprating: 6
November 11, 2003
i like th hover motion but NO LANING GEAR if you can help me e mail at kyle.patel SPAM