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FS2002 FS2004 LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16 Fighting Falcon. The LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16 Fighting Falcon (VIPER) by Kirk Olsson

Filesize: 15.34 MB | Added on: Oct 31, 2003 | Downloads: 17423

Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16 Fighting Falcon. Rating: 9.04 of 10 over a total of 74 reviews.

ARMY199rating: 10
July 9, 2012
Marc72rating: 9
May 4, 2007
Great jet, but have only two buttons on cockpit view and the rest of screen is black. Any hints what to do. amr mar
saybyarating: 10
August 12, 2006
This plane is outstanding. Kirk Olsson did a fine job. I just wish he could make an F 18 as well made this one.
maake858rating: 10
July 11, 2006
Can somebody help me to instal this mail markus.58
wigglewormsrating: 9
June 5, 2006
it pulls up a bit when you have full speed... is that supposed to happen lessens open the spoilers and i can never tell burners are on... don t know why s same with all planes, probably something haven done
cortrating: 8
May 30, 2006
Nice download but complicated to install, and in the cockpit view there is like 4 guages rest all black with no sight out of plane. Besides those things it awesome a must for any FS pilot.
ste_dewsrating: 9
May 18, 2006
dont know why but the sound file keeps crashin my comuter when switchin between views so i changed to default and its fine, all in excellent job
mrpatchrating: 9
April 15, 2006
Hey what a nice jet, its the best download ever, everything appears like real one, very to have.
davidrxrating: 8
February 18, 2006
Great looking plane. It s overpowered, I can takeoff from the carrier deck with full afterburner without use of catapult which is not realistic. Otherwise would score it higher.
istegal2rating: 9
January 10, 2006
top ...
Mythrilfanrating: 10
November 13, 2005
this download is so good that it will make you cry could serve as a standard for payware products, but mr Olsson decided should be freeware. Great thanks if are looking ONE plane download, it. Oh, and he recently published mirage f1, s quality again unreachable by others. absolutely amazing
luiscalrating: 10
November 11, 2005
Exelente grafica y desempe o
HogdriverJrrating: 7
November 4, 2005
Great Add on, but with some rather picky problems. My dad is an active duty Air Force F 16 pilot, and I had him fly this airplane. The HUD off the Gauges are off, it has WAY too much power know probably can t be done It doesn simulate s by wire control system. ex. a real never needs to trimmed. However, still excellent add best that have found. only REAL complaint not coming panel.
mudhut_nzrating: 10
October 1, 2005
kev427 you are sick and twisted this is the best plane ever, if it doesnt work on your machin then dont bloody rate it, get poor ass a new computer
ColinTrating: 10
September 18, 2005
Way cool A bit of a hassle getting the Eurofighter, but that one is sweet too. I love afterburner and wingtip effects.
Doougalassrating: 10
August 10, 2005
Excelent One of the planes I Have ever Downlaoded Worth wait Needs more weapon variations and repaints. Very touchy. A must have
j-denisrating: 10
August 2, 2005
jorklindrating: 10
July 29, 2005
Great Lot s of fun to fly. Excelent VC and Spot Plane
bigspice1rating: 8
July 24, 2005
its good but my panels dont work they are there it seens like if not turn on so doesnt show anything at all can anyone help me
moonwalkgastrating: 10
July 17, 2005
a nice plane it s really fast. fun to fly this thing P job dude
rit22rating: 9
July 5, 2005
Great Jet The best thing is you can take it to speeds over mach 4. I m not sure if be done in any other aircraft but all have do get up about 1.20 and then put into a steep climb until reach 40000 feet or stall begin fall. At this point keep full throttle decend straight down just before hit the ground pull head ll continue accelerate won t able stop uless shut off engins. It s part of flying jet except careful when at such high speeds.
kev427rating: 1
June 15, 2005
can t install it
PRIVATE_GIBSrating: 10
June 9, 2005
sandiegorating: 9
June 9, 2005
outstanding aircraft feels like a real F16. but can anybody tell me how to get the radar work.
chemical_alirating: 10
June 3, 2005
Nice job
unmanedpilotrating: 10
April 4, 2005
Great for serios FS pilots, great model, to get the radar work you need right FSUIPC.dll but GREAT aircraft
Pilotdude51590rating: 9
March 1, 2005
Sweet dl but i cant figure out how to get the exhaust look more realistic can anybody help Pilotdude515
exile34rating: 10
February 25, 2005
this plane is byfar the best freeware modern i have and a message to people who cant install it ... if its YOUR fault YOU DONT rate 1 NOOBZ
dgianniosrating: 10
February 15, 2005
Almost perfect. Difficult to land, but it is not for FS users, has been built the proffessionals of air. The only problem that radar does work with FS9. I can find right .dll at net. Any help But in end 10 10. BRAVO
Falcon_162rating: 10
February 12, 2005
Nicely done and fun to fly. It s kind of tricky land but I still give it a 10. Nice job.
MM3SMXrating: 10
November 13, 2004
allenthecannonrating: 10
November 3, 2004
mattmedic4565rating: 10
October 19, 2004
merfabrating: 9
September 18, 2004
purpleponcarating: 10
September 10, 2004
best plane ive downloaded off of here I fully recommend dl thanx for a really fine fighter
siberviperrating: 9
August 16, 2004
Great plane to fly,details are top line. Had a problem loading panel in so all you get from me is 9. Keep up the great job.. thanks
airman_labrancherating: 9
July 26, 2004
I gave this add on a 9 b c some of the virutal cock pit details are slightly false....As an avionics technician F 16s, am extremely familiar with cockpit. Other than those flaws care not to get into, model is awesome, excpet for fact that about 700 knots, it shakes violently. flown real simulator actual pilots fly, and thing handles almost same. Kirk did really superb job aircraft.
headnotrating: 10
July 8, 2004
This plane is the best I have. ve had it for a few months now. have just recently registered on this site Really nice plane. Everything great, but some reason, effects do not work me.
tonmitrating: 10
June 7, 2004
This F 16 is flawless. Just follow the simple instructions and you can fly this beauty too
micah121rating: 10
June 3, 2004
Sweet model 10
ben12791rating: 8
May 1, 2004
great detail on the flight model... a bit squirreley controls though, especially roll... i gave it an 8 because had to fish panel out of another site plus, where s hud virtual cockpit, download plane just get afterburner effects, and for some reason,the burners turn with lights, not throttle. please tell me if m doing something wrong. otherwise, airplane. from ben12791
Wuernirating: 1
April 25, 2004
Ah guys I dont understand this could somebody tell me how works to installl that F 16 have never downloaded anything for my FS2004 before please write c wuernschimmel thank you the rating is 1 because i tick one
psagqrating: 9
April 17, 2004
harlrating: 3
April 9, 2004
Arseniderating: 9
April 8, 2004
Really, really nice plane, but I wish it came with a decent panel. Otherwise, would have given 10.
denisjrating: 10
March 18, 2004
divxhunterrating: 10
March 16, 2004
Torch1930rating: 4
February 20, 2004
Hard to find all panels and put together. Should have been in one package.
sivadniarbrating: 9
February 16, 2004
Doesnt show up on my aircraft list until I click specifically the lockheed make where C5 was. took me two weeks to notice it was there, and then had a ball.
Choirboyrating: 8
February 12, 2004
Looks great, but in the cockpit view nothing shows up except gauges. I have both Aircraft and reccomended alt panel files for life of me cant get it to work. All other views are Ok though.
curtisrewrating: 10
February 8, 2004
wo one of the best i ve seen. easy to fly and responsive
Propsboyrating: 10
January 19, 2004
The best aircraft I have seen yet.
zonemasterrating: 10
January 15, 2004
Great Whoever made this should make an f 117 nighthawk
tutinrating: 4
January 13, 2004
too complicated to put together, specially when it comes the panel. Too many things do make fly on FS2004.
MemphisBelle2912rating: 10
January 11, 2004
It s very good. I like it much. Authentic panels 2d and virtuel
aurora_scott113rating: 8
December 31, 2003
Very well done aircraft. I rated this an 8 because download does not include the panel and you have to someone else s make gauges work. But flight model dynamics of aircraft are wonderful. This is a fun plane fly. Great job
piggyknightrating: 10
December 26, 2003
millerpederating: 10
December 26, 2003
if you got a panel for this and put it on CD I would pay this, its good enough to sell Better than the f18 bought with few others 25
SwissRambOrating: 10
December 17, 2003
stunzeedrating: 9
December 14, 2003
The only reason I give this a 9 is because of the fact had to hunt down panel complete this. It an excellent add on though. find it pretty cool open canopy at 30,000 feet and getting some fresh air. Great job, keep up good work.
esamrating: 10
November 27, 2003
Bad ass Keep on the good work.
derpreglrating: 10
November 25, 2003
szapyrating: 10
November 23, 2003
this is the staff what needed here...
christophedrrating: 10
November 21, 2003
sudipkchrating: 9
November 21, 2003
monkey18rating: 10
November 16, 2003
Lodirating: 10
November 11, 2003
funky_chiken_2008rating: 10
November 10, 2003
the detail of cockpit is awsomeand F 16 a very nice jet
tclavon01rating: 10
November 9, 2003
Best fighter add on that I have seen in the last six years
stormtrooperbobrating: 10
November 8, 2003
bjorn_srating: 9
November 2, 2003
chrislingrating: 8
November 1, 2003
thk722rating: 10
November 1, 2003
Exellent F 16. Handling is good and the textures look just fine. Only problem now that my puter to weak do it justice.
mostwantedrating: 10
November 1, 2003
Looks like the real thing, Great job