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Fs2004 Sst2010 North America Brand-new Sst2010 Series Upgraded For Fs2004 Flights. Innovative Concept Models Of Next-generation Sst To Show Up In 2010. Original Futuristic Design With Canard And Swing-wing Configuration Achieving Luxurious And Stable Mach 2. 3 Cruising Speed By Shigeru Tanaka.

Filesize: 3.57 MB | Added on: Sep 30, 2003 | Downloads: 11447

Users Reviews
FS2004 Sst2010 North America Brand-new Series Upgraded. Rating: 8.42 of 10 over a total of 24 reviews.

lonelykatanarating: 9
September 24, 2007
verry good thanks
nsyrb123rating: 10
September 16, 2007
i like it you can edit the paint job with Paint Job 2.0 at http
ndawg370065rating: 10
July 16, 2006
truly amazing...
coryintheskywithairplanesrating: 9
March 12, 2006
No VC, BUT make no mistake this the best sst l ve seen for price by a L O N G S H T.
spazzinout826rating: 10
January 11, 2006
essemesmorating: 9
August 29, 2005
i liked
fatfred5000brating: 10
August 15, 2005
Great Plane Takes some practice to fly, but I got it up 80,000 feet at one time. thought the panel outside paint job could use work, s perfect besides that. strongly reccommend downloading this plane. TRIM UP WHEN YOU TAKE OFF.
HELLBOY2004rating: 9
June 14, 2005
Szekirating: 4
March 17, 2005
It s a great plane, but the doors aren t open, virtual cockpit is not included and there are no custom sound gauges, But textures swing wing feature
JetRanger0007rating: 9
July 12, 2004
VERY good aircraft,, one of the best I ve had this plane for a while and have put it thru all kinds tests,,, works Excellent Flys very fast,, Looks decent too,, cocpit could be up graded,,, Definetly,, worth time to down load
JOSHUAWBBrating: 7
May 22, 2004
I thought this aircraft was exellent, a great improvement from the first sst euro planes. Although had one problem There no GPS. Now, am beginner at flight simulator and rely on it most of time when create plans. So, apart that, impressed with aircraft.
Dragonfire4rating: 7
May 14, 2004
DA78rating: 10
January 25, 2004
great jet
494b01945brating: 8
December 29, 2003
Outside visuals and flight dynamics are great. Needs some work on the cockpit. Still fun to fly, good effort.
ICEBIRD000rating: 9
November 14, 2003
The detail put into this aircraft is excellent Flys exactly how a SST expected to. No was missed when creating plane swing wing feature the best Looks futuristic and fast EXCELLENT JOB
bluto2478rating: 1
October 26, 2003
aptiva10rating: 10
October 24, 2003
Job well done. Very fast, but hard to land.
elishabullrating: 8
October 24, 2003
Good flying plane, and HOT over 20,00ft. Wing folding by use of flaps, this is same as real SST The need to ballance for aft, Fuel transfer Whats the prototype
esamrating: 10
October 16, 2003
crazyhorse17rating: 7
October 10, 2003
I would be grateful if someone could show me how to sweep the wings and canard as get shudder around 100 kts.I m not also sure getting afterburner using shift f4. crazyhorse17
merlin2002ukrating: 10
October 5, 2003
Petty22rating: 10
October 5, 2003
egertrating: 8
October 2, 2003
Very nice airplane The interior is very nice, but the exterior could use some work.
sabjetsonrating: 8
September 30, 2003
yeah, I like supersonic machines, this one is really cool