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Fs2002 Km Ekranoplan caspian Sea Monster, A Different, Unusual Craft! It Glides Above The Waves On Its Cushion Of Air, On exclusively 2 Of Its 10 Engines! The Forward 8 Engines Are Normally For Take-off Only. The Km, korabl Maket, 1964-78 Russian Ekranoplan, Was The Largest, Heaviest And Fastest Ground-effect Craft In History. 500 Tons Loaded, Cruising At Over 270 Kts, 50 Ft Above The Waves! Fs2002 Fd With Help From Claudio Mussner. Animated Parts. Simple Custom Panel And Special Water Effects Included. By Stephan Scholz.

Filesize: 244.86 Kb | Added on: Sep 14, 2003 | Downloads: 6065

Users Reviews
FS2002 Km Ekranoplan caspian Sea Monster A Unusual Craft!. Rating: 3.82 of 10 over a total of 11 reviews.

767-200ERrating: 2
June 17, 2007
Great plane but a piece of crap though. it wont even take off just shakes around thats why i am giving 2.
tanoorating: 10
December 11, 2006
The craft handles the ground effect very well. Thank you for opportunity to operate this rare and unique craft.
ndawg370065rating: 1
July 8, 2006
WTF this thing dosent even fly at top speed it is a waste. cool plane though. just make
Turkeysittarrating: 7
October 5, 2005
the caspian sea monster was an aircraft that wasnt supposed to fly but hover I dont agree with others
hartmrating: 1
November 1, 2004
It does work in FS2004, but you wouldnt want to bother. Ugly model, with awfull flight characteristics. Sure Ground Effect planse can only fly 3 meters up, I doubt they are stalling 100 of the time.If this plane, disable force feedback.
Schnipperrating: 7
January 20, 2004
kuksrating: 1
November 5, 2003
bad graphic, not able to fly
fireblade1rating: 10
September 20, 2003
merlin2002ukrating: 1
September 19, 2003
wolf-gangrating: 1
September 18, 2003
jbaileyrating: 1
September 14, 2003
this is only for fs2002 so be carful what you download the athor put it in fs2004 wont work