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Fs2004 Antonov An225 Gmax. Version With Many Animated Parts, High Detail 3dmodel And Highlight Reflections (for The unusual Animations Read The Install. txt). Model By Thomas Ruth, Fde By Thomas Ruth And Alex Kvitta

Filesize: 5.76 MB | Added on: Sep 12, 2003 | Downloads: 24108

Users Reviews
FS2004 Antonov An225 Gmax. Rating: 8.89 of 10 over a total of 76 reviews.

fastflugrating: 10
November 23, 2017
Awesome flight simulator add on, and it s totally addictive, congrats to the author a well deserved 10
100003881322153-facebookrating: 10
April 7, 2013
I downloaded this over a year ago, could not stop flying it My wife got mad at me and threatened to smash my computer
100000553767684-facebookrating: 10
November 28, 2010
tongting123rating: 9
October 25, 2010
Great Love it Need more things like this
ettuprating: 9
May 17, 2008
it really is huge
aniqkhanrating: 9
March 9, 2008
great plane though needs a virtul cocpit..
nikiboyrating: 10
December 14, 2007
rmrbrating: 9
October 31, 2007
Congratulations. You have made a really good work.
knightonerating: 9
August 13, 2007
767-200ERrating: 9
July 29, 2007
Dear the maestro who made this piece of art I am absolutly astounded at inner computing technological software, must say it is almost compulsory to download also, i also that my private planes boeing 747 400, 767 200ER and 777 200LR do not compare when flying on microsoft flight simulator 2004. You have superbly modelled aeroplane you deserve a golden medal for it. flown Antonov AN 225 in real life, but think model created was far better then actiall plane. There major letdown. The panel one default, 747, hmmm... Please, correct he has processed information too consequence majorly unheard NEED change once if your thrive even more. Prehaps could put up redownload OR create new panel. Or simply link where find My Regards constructive critisism, Cornelious Lovegood
DC8Waltrating: 9
February 2, 2007
Great plane to fly Very stable through all phases of flight. I downloaded a cockpit an AN225 from It has nice layout with great autopilot. The only thing it lacks is radio stack. So there no way tune ILS, VOR... For those you who are having trouble getting the doors open, use normal keys for door Shift E 2 G F W scan around and see open...quite cool
abps1rating: 9
December 11, 2006
I cant get the main cargo door to work. Can anyone help with this problem. Great Aircraft
Brentskirating: 9
November 21, 2006
This is a sick add on and must have. I gave it 9 because my frame rates are crap but not too crappy the upper cargo deck emergency doors don t work. Everything else perfect. Again, have
snorksrating: 10
September 29, 2006
September 20, 2006
Very good, just when the autopilot is on it doesnt stay at correct altitude and keeps going up down to try get
Thompouxrating: 9
June 26, 2006
This airplane is beautiful but, it would be fun if there was a virtual cockpit.
smoking4merating: 7
May 7, 2006
im realy happy with this plane.. only trouble is it starts shaking like hell..
ziccorating: 3
May 3, 2006
I dont know why all these guys are making such a big deal about this. It does nt even have wing view.This download has nothing. Just the aircraft.
wojtek19890rating: 9
April 14, 2006
Would Have been a 10 if it would have s own cockpit. If you re having trouble taking off, apply parking brakes, full throttle, release wait until at 180 190 knots and extend flaps fully, when the time is right take off.
savageduderating: 10
April 12, 2006
Wonderful plane to fly. very realistic. love it alot. fly every time. only thing is, needs an antonov cockpit, not a boeing.
FlyingPorkerrating: 8
March 4, 2006
The ultimate in serious heavy metal. You need a good long runway to get this particular cow into the air. Be careful how you lower nose, otherwise nose gear collapses and she will bury her not clever at Heathrow on Runway 9R I want better panel. Will look
richardheadrating: 10
December 30, 2005
absolutly amazing and magnificent plane
Andresaorating: 10
December 25, 2005
the textures are perfect
olie1111993rating: 10
November 11, 2005
its cool
harm13rating: 7
November 7, 2005
rit22rating: 8
July 16, 2005
Just add a VC and it would be the way s your fault if you can t fly so quite.
parksy183rating: 8
June 19, 2005
Could someone please help, me install this one... I AM having some troubles. www.dparks08
HELLBOY2004rating: 10
June 14, 2005
Flyboy90rating: 10
March 19, 2005
This is a great plane to fly. The shuttle awesome. NEEDS OWN PANEL. I recomend put parking brake on and or start pushback, then full throtle, when at engine strength release the pushback. A good liftoff place Canaveral
rulorating: 10
February 19, 2005
exellent aircarft i will if could give it a 100
Palm48rating: 10
February 13, 2005
definitely sweet. a must get
xxyzzbrating: 1
January 28, 2005
creggohhrating: 10
January 8, 2005
Excellent and fun. Too bad the panel is 747. For those having problems with short runways, just reduce fuel payload to less than 100K lbs you ll be fine. I love this airplane
Panchrating: 10
January 6, 2005
I think this is one of the premier downloads for flight sim enthusiast Hey guys, you can easily take off from Nasa Landing facility in Florida...the runway plenty long and there little to no traffic......
trdsldrating: 10
November 25, 2004
Wow Nice work I wish everyone would remember this stuff is free. copied over the AN 124 panel for and it works well. can live without 2 missing throttles. If you want a big runway to practice at traffic, set up KOSC now closed Wurtsmith AFB, MI . It s perfect trying out monster.
WillyManrating: 9
August 24, 2004
A terrific aircraft, it is great to fly, handles very well... could use a better panel.
wackierating: 10
August 21, 2004
wonderful addon I love to watch the cargo door open and plane lower ground FS doesn t support 6 eng contrails, but can not fault for that. give 5 rollovers out of a possible
paiaiauguipazorating: 8
August 13, 2004
Jonathan5614rating: 9
August 2, 2004
Great addon but I still haven t got it off the ground. Does anyone know of a runway that is long enough to get flying PLease tell me if you do.
DragonSevenrating: 9
July 29, 2004
A terrific add on. Well worth the download. Great animations and althought panel is as noted in readme to be inaccurate for this particular plane author leads you file more accurate gauges. Only 1 point off no VC otherwise great plane. Quite tricky fly, but added shuttle makes it a sight behold air. Read instructions carefully before attempting get airborn with full package. Thanks model
ncbaseballrating: 5
July 28, 2004
It looks cool
July 10, 2004
pengo182000rating: 9
June 29, 2004
This plane is awesome.Finally I have found an AN 225 thats really perfrect. However, the Buran Shuttle does not show any texture. It completly black. don t know why. would apreciate if you can help me out. Thanx
snowlider1019rating: 9
May 22, 2004
very good, anyone who got it to work, where do i put the panel what folder
Styxx30rating: 2
May 10, 2004
gnholmesrating: 10
April 23, 2004
. AN 225 Panel can be found here. http files.phtml folder 41 page 2 Its about half way down and called 1055 1072 1085 1077 1083 1100 1040 ...the file name is panelAN 1 .zip To download just click 1057 1082 1095 1090 in bottom right hand corner.
pizzapilotrating: 10
April 23, 2004
Excellent plane......exactly like real one even seems to fly one. As for panel....just install AN 225 Panel..simple
skiflyzanderrating: 10
April 9, 2004
WOW this is the best aircraft i have ever added to my collection. Flys great exept it hard get off ground Thats cool. My only wish that had better sound and an antonov panel oh well GREAT JET MAN
bullrushzzrating: 9
February 16, 2004
YF-22raptorrating: 9
February 15, 2004
It s the biggest aircraft in worls But pannel... 747 has 4 engines but this 6 of them. excellent job
giancardrating: 10
February 10, 2004
luizfrating: 10
February 6, 2004
fantastic Plane
amobaerating: 9
January 31, 2004
Great aircraft but there should be a totally different panel because the 747 only has 4 engines and antanov 125 6. But other than that its brilliant
Geoffersrating: 8
January 28, 2004
Great aircraft. pity no panel Shuttle anly shows up black. I like the wings flexing
obikevrating: 9
January 27, 2004
would be a 10 with new pannel, 747 pannel just has 4 engines, an225 6. Other than that, great work
antonow-pilotrating: 8
January 1, 2004
It s the best file I loaded down yet. The only thing m MISSING is PANEL plane itself excellent could be a 10 rating .
Incusrating: 10
December 15, 2003
I can t believe found one of my favorites and biggest aircraft in the world. The time it must have took along with skill involved is astounding. Gj.
maggot_meister_2000rating: 10
November 23, 2003
Stunning. Absolutly Could do with a panel, because the 747 one is missing engines, but apart from that fantastic job. Well done
ryokosfantasyrating: 9
November 14, 2003
Stunning textures and animations. Recommended. Does anyone know the approach speed flap settings to land this beast
d_mcgheerating: 8
November 9, 2003
I Cant get the nose cargo door to open
STEALTH_BOYrating: 10
November 9, 2003
claudijkorating: 10
October 23, 2003
luponerorating: 10
October 22, 2003
frank50rating: 6
October 9, 2003
merlin2002ukrating: 10
October 5, 2003
egertrating: 8
October 4, 2003
Very nice airplane I don t like how they used the 747 panel. For big that file is it should have at least a different On my game to even take off. off with aircraft, then switch an255. Needs some inprovements.
ribaldorating: 8
September 30, 2003
Very nice job,
SKyWINGrating: 10
September 21, 2003
this larger than life aircraft should get a rating. sadly there is nothing greater 10
minaarating: 10
September 19, 2003
i Verry like it show everyone cant uptade a virtual cocpit need Please bye
xtomrating: 10
September 18, 2003
Tom Ruth is the best designer
Fearrating: 9
September 18, 2003
Excellente inertie bel ensemble dommage pas de cockpit 3 D.
vietvet6869rating: 10
September 17, 2003
SUPERB Keep up the good work out there. A real joy to fly
WILLIEPEErating: 10
September 17, 2003
floberosrating: 10
September 16, 2003
Wolf-gangrating: 9
September 13, 2003
only missing 6 engines on the panel B747 but apart from that very good
FrankvandePutrating: 8
September 13, 2003