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Waco Classic Biplane For Fs2002 And Fs2004 This Modern Fully Equipped Aircraft Is Produced By The Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation And Can Be Seen Around The World Giving Lucky Passengers Their First Ride In An Open Cockpit Biplane! This Package Includes 6 Variants Of The Aircraft, 4 Wheeled And 2 On Floats. FROM Custom Classics

Filesize: 3.47 MB | Added on: Aug 24, 2003 | Downloads: 4981

Users Reviews
Waco Classic Biplane FS2002 And FS2004 Modern Fully. Rating: 9.21 of 10 over a total of 38 reviews.

Fettlerrating: 10
March 23, 2006
Excellent A fantastic little plane. Great to fly and even better land. Grab this for yourself. One of the best downloads on web. I give it a 10. Oh, by way coolsim, you must be braindead dullard if have find something carp about aircraft. What do want BLOOD pr ck
cybercoprating: 10
January 18, 2006
This aircraft performs well in FS2004. The detail and skin variation is commendable.
kozillarating: 9
August 12, 2005
good job on this
silentbutdeadlyrating: 10
June 16, 2005
Cloud 9 What a dream. Luv it.
n2257qrating: 9
April 3, 2005
Nice. I had to restart my FS. after the first time. It takes a lot of RAM run. But has great detail, flight and VC. Almost aerobatic plane. Great Floats. This aircraft might even be considered STOL.
jasiskorating: 3
March 30, 2005
I only got the two floatplanes. Any suggestions
AREMERrating: 8
January 28, 2005
nice plane
patsfriendrating: 10
January 25, 2005
friggin awesome, if i fly use this first, dont know what did without it, so much fun to fly, just like the real thing
HOWLER304rating: 10
December 23, 2004
unbelievable this plane rocks i recomend it highly to anyone and everyone. learn land first from select a flight in the waco sections. thanks for great HOWLER
khemicalrating: 10
October 23, 2004
This plane is excellent, a must download for anyone. Works wonderfully.
marcehnlerating: 10
September 4, 2004
It s the BEST plane for fs9 I ever found thousands of compliment to author only have one little problem with VC...It happens too often that background behind gauges becomes transparent.... really don t know why...I already tried a lot changing panel.cfg file and so on...If anybody knows any solutions...I d be happy read anything about it right here thx To everybody Download
nithbarating: 10
August 7, 2004
a very slick package and not huge size to download. Well worth it.
flynbrianrating: 10
July 27, 2004
Nice textures handle well
gravytrainrating: 10
July 24, 2004
I enjoyed flying and downloading this superb aircraft aircrafts Very nice in detail animation.
JetRanger0007rating: 10
July 12, 2004
Rated a 10,, but deserves 20 This aircraft is Great ,, Highly recommend it for down load,,, Flys in FL Sim 2002 also All the planes textures are Extremely Superburb paint jobs fantastic Plane handles well also,, gotta love this plane Nice work guys,, setting an example,, of what all should be like on site
jaz5471rating: 9
June 17, 2004
pizzapilotrating: 10
June 3, 2004
It s a must have add on......excellent work.....VC 0.25 zoom is the only way to fly this one. Great details and colours.
twizzlerating: 8
March 29, 2004
Very nice add on. I really liked the flights that came with it. My only problem is floats do not work. follow directions and land on back of floats, but aircraft always goes in air.
mitjaggerrating: 9
March 18, 2004
tigerfliprating: 10
March 12, 2004
Great job Fun to fly. Wish alot of other people put as much attention into their designs and flight dynamics
schtirating: 10
February 23, 2004
drewman04004rating: 10
February 8, 2004
uh....the waco ymf super is my favorite plane in the WORLD
theykilledkennyrating: 10
January 29, 2004
megot2jobsrating: 9
January 5, 2004
I love flying this.Great looks,and works great.
494b01945brating: 9
December 29, 2003
Great looking. The VC makes flying it fun. Not recommended for long flights
20966rating: 8
December 24, 2003
sparkmanrating: 10
November 30, 2003
The first comment I read was it s white.. well yes, but glorious metalic white, you get a cool red, and forest green bright yellow to blow totally away two float planes, the silver These are truely unbelivable..better than any thing got with fs2004. sound is great like radial If could d vote 100 more times for this one
coolsimrating: 1
November 6, 2003
I officially declare this download the worst ever invented. The plane is white, it should be a way better color in style like pink or rainbow swirl. WAY TO SCREW UP THE DOWNLOAD
Geoffersrating: 10
October 31, 2003
This is the best add on I have from any site Net.Pity can not vote for it more than once. 200 GREAT.Great to fly Great looking. 100
GOOSEYrating: 10
October 27, 2003
tomservorating: 10
October 11, 2003
You would be a fool to NOT download this Fair weather flights in New Hampshire s White Mountains at 3000 ft AGL. Need I say more
merlin2002ukrating: 9
October 5, 2003
marsulrating: 10
September 18, 2003
This has to be one of the best additional aircraft for FS 2002. Anyone who enjoys particularly prop then this is a must. It looks good, handles superbly and sounds are outstanding. Well done Custom Classics producing such fine ought rate as Flight Sim Classic .
tridacnearating: 9
September 17, 2003
gsavoginrating: 10
September 15, 2003
Excellent work Terrific flight dynamics, great dynamics while taxiing, take off and landing, graphics are beautiful highly detailed. The virtual cockpit is just perfect for flyng a plane like this one. Great job, should be packed with FS... pay attention to Bill... Way go
tonyflyerrating: 10
September 5, 2003
good flyer very beautiful great cokpits also in 3d
rocorating: 10
September 4, 2003
Thanks for this excellent work
bassman20rating: 10
August 30, 2003
The detail is supurb