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Focke-wulf Ta-183 For Cfs2 This File You See Before You Is The Complete Product Of Many Months Worth Of Work By Many People. The Focke-wulf Ta-183 Was A Late-war German Jet Designed To Push Back The Allied Advance Toward The Rheine By Destroying Wave After Wave Of Bomber With Jet Aircraft. Before They Could Fly, The War Ended. Several In-progress Models Were Captured By Advancing Russians And Taken Back To Moscow. After Several Years, They Re-appeared; As The Mig-15! This Model Is Made Entirely In Gmax, Features Reflective Textures, Has A Highly Detailed Panel, And Pretty Realistic Air File Created With Minimal Available Information.

Filesize: 2.47 MB | Added on: Jun 26, 2003 | Downloads: 432

Users Reviews
Focke-wulf Ta-183 Cfs2 Complete Product Months Worth Work. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

BravoZulurating: 9
August 9, 2003
I used the sound of Mig. Greaqt plane In CS2 it turns very well at low speeds and if you get into trouble, just open her up. Mustang s can not keap Thank you, do some more.
MercyfulRagerating: 9
August 6, 2003
All I can say is Sweet he flys nice rolls are incredible, but stay out of dives as she gets fast quick. Also has a set 4 Cannons and all the moving parts seem 2 work just fine, look good to. The only thing 183 seems to be missing some effects,but u get them easy enough. Get Smoking guns for more real gun effect Its small down load well worth it Go nibbio s CFS2 page http jobim cfs2 .Next would add VB planes fx 262 blue.fx its jet exhaust that looks includeing heat shimmer. there also other repaint textures i know ann d have LoL, both even better looking than stock one thats on. called ta 183blns best 1 . Last calles vaportrail dont who made great on Planes Me should here well. might sound like alot things will make this plane very realistic once you see yourself m sure ll agree. L8r gotta fly