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New York City Wtc Site For Fs2000 Simply Place The Folder In Any Directory And Setup. Ive Also Included Some Screenshots. Made By: Elvis Ghaw

Filesize: 748.75 Kb | Added on: May 27, 2003 | Downloads: 664

Users Reviews
New York City Wtc Site Fs2000 Simply Place Folder. Rating: 2.60 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

briddels16rating: 1
July 7, 2003
i downloaded this to find out what it was and shocked screentshots of a reconstruction on sept 11th file should not been allowed be placed the site never installed software iam going making complaint very sad
lordboorating: 9
June 2, 2003
People need to get over their Hang ups 9 11 happened ok, so grow up this download is cool and should be downloaded viewed by everyone because the buildings were grand flight sim only place they still can exist think of it as a virtual memorial poor souls that lost life there deserve this...and do you...
ExPhantomPhixerrating: 1
May 30, 2003
pellaeonrating: 1
May 27, 2003
Very bad taste. People who own flight sim allready tried it for no other reason then morbid curiosity. They do not need to see how.
phoenix57rating: 1
May 27, 2003
Very good graphics from the snapshots I saw but how could you put something like that online for people to do. That was a horrible day in American history and believe is still recent use this manner.