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FS2002 Mc Donnell Douglas RF-4c (Cr. 12-55 12-64) of the 123 Swarm of Ejercito of the air, with its special decoration for the goodbye of the Cr. 12 in Spain, celebrated in torrejon day 18 of October of 2002. The RF-4c Spanish made his I complete flight day 4 of February of the 2002 In fact model is of a F-, but he is the one that has the nose but comparable to the variant of recognition RF-4c. Installation: Fae_rf4c. zip within the folder decompresses the file aircraft of the FS2002. Smoke "to the folder" moves the content of the folder "effects" of the FS2002. If Windows tw asks if you want to sobrewrite, means that already you have it, asi that answers what you want (both archives are equal). In order to activate the "smoky motors", "i" presses. The same to deactivate them. Model: Michael Gurezka Texturas: Javier Perez Valdenebro www. escuadron. wilbord. com

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FS2002 Mc Donnell Douglas RF-4c Cr.12-55 12-64 123 Swarm. Rating: 8.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

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December 2, 2002