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FS2002 Gmax Bell 222b Features Reflective Textures New (16)

Gmax Bell 222b For FS2002 Features: Reflective Textures, New Improved Virtual Cockpit And Standard FS2002 Features. Model, Panel, Sounds, Textures By Alan Devins Adevins@eircom. net

Filesize: 4.05 MB | Added on: Aug 05, 2002 | Downloads: 4601

Users Reviews
Gmax Bell 222b FS2002 Features Reflective Textures New. Rating: 8.25 of 10 over a total of 16 reviews.

jmonewtonrating: 10
August 6, 2006
One mean mother fucker
superbaloney35234523rating: 10
June 30, 2004
works great w FS2k4, but the tail rotor doesn t spin. i dont know if that s a glitch or it unsupported. Great heli
kingdograting: 8
July 26, 2003
Very good. Can t find the nav lights though.
VONSA71rating: 8
July 19, 2003
Helic ptero en archivo gmax bell 222b, presenta las siguientes irregularidades 1 Falta indicador H.S.I. debajo del horizonte artificial. 2 Bot n de colectivo y comunicaciones no abren ventanas respectivas 3 Tren aterrizaje se retrae
windrider991rating: 9
May 17, 2003
this was the first helo ive ever down loaded and added to my fs2002pro. It is a lot of fun fly looks great
Heidtmasterrating: 1
May 9, 2003
Tragicrating: 9
February 24, 2003
315rating: 9
February 17, 2003
d-1280rating: 10
January 16, 2003
NoiZrating: 3
October 3, 2002
nice body and great cockpit hmmm finest heli
sniberating: 6
September 27, 2002
daiwenyangrating: 10
September 20, 2002
cedricdelmasrating: 10
September 4, 2002
very good
samuraibrewerrating: 9
August 16, 2002
Very Good This resource should have been an original part of FS2002. The glitch with the landing gear is thing that can be worked with. Grafx are highly detailed. Smooth aircraft to fly.
ManiacFlyerrating: 10
August 6, 2002
Yes, I agree a very awesome aircraft indeed And yes, you did spell helicopter wrong.
SaC_jmrwackorating: 10
August 6, 2002
The best aircraft I ve ever downloaded There are realistic reflections on the bottom of helocopter. air file must be really pumped up, cause helocopter flies very much like in real life. panel is good, besides some panels that edge left side screen. virtual cockpit better than stock fs2002 bell helocopter, can tell you much. Remember, press pause and then g to make gear retract or come out again, sure all way back before unpausing game. You should download this it rocks p.s. If spelled wrong please me. m having trouble with that, lol