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FS2002 ALIEN AMPHIBIAN CROPCIRCLE AREA-51 AlienUFO The fastest of all FS2002 aircrafts. True amphibian flies like a chopper, plane, jet, rocket, and even floats like a speedboat. Can beam down cropcircles. Must have 747-400, Concorde, King350 stock instruments gauges in your sim. For the experienced simmer. May the force be with U. by George Philip Birney.

Filesize: 5.33 MB | Added on: Mar 24, 2002 | Downloads: 5649

Users Reviews
FS2002 ALIEN AMPHIBIAN CROPCIRCLE AREA-51 AlienUFO fastest. Rating: 7.86 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

jasonmangasrating: 10
January 24, 2005
This UFO is pretty much like the real thing. For those who ask about textures and movinf objects UFOs don t have any So this package correct in regard. It flies just TR 3X variation of 3B, but faster lighter manoeverable. I light effects a lot. And panel simply out world, great architecture that can be used also conventional planes. Boeing 747, man cool Good job
up-chuckrating: 2
July 16, 2004
this U.F.O is VERY touchy. hard to fly dont recamend download
pilootpukrating: 9
March 23, 2003
startfinishbizrating: 10
January 14, 2003
It is okay that there no texture, becuase UFOs don t have any. This craft extremely versatile. The panel color I like too much, but the design real futuristic. heard George Philip Birney going to release a TR 3B, flying triangle from Area 51. saw it on www.alienufosecret.c om. Real cool man
jb_rulez_54rating: 4
August 29, 2002
No textures and ugly panel... give it some more work
emodude2rating: 10
June 5, 2002
SaC_jmrwackorating: 10
May 5, 2002
This ufo is perfect It can reach up to 3000 mph and it has an airspeed indicator that tells you the whole number Its effects are amazing. One click of I make this wonderful beam fireworks effect extends into space really does act like a rocket, helecopter, speedboat, jet plane. amphibious there for on water. even 1000 water before flips over. hover. You have download comes with checklist reference describes how fly in amazing details. The lights glow from far away