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FS2002 BAe146 Panel Completely new Version of the BAe146 Panel for FS2002 (works with or without FSUIPC. dll). The Panel contents now all inside Cockpit views and a new Pedestal and Overhead Panel. The fully equipped Overhead Panel reflects the real BAe146 Cockpit and contents a lot of completely new softwaremed Gauges Instruments including a real start up procedure based on the checklists of the BAe146. Also included is a 40-pages Cockpit Manual in PDF format and all necessary Module files. By Matthias Lieberecht

Filesize: 5.80 MB | Added on: Mar 20, 2002 | Downloads: 2417

Users Reviews
FS2002 BAe146 Panel Completely new Version works with. Rating: 8.72 of 10 over a total of 8 reviews.

philliprgrating: 7
August 6, 2004
Good looking panel. Functions well until you start to land then get these loud voices telling pull up. A bit annoying, but ok I guess. It would be a great panel if it was not for that.
Dragon0355rating: 8
August 27, 2003
fez2002rating: 9
July 23, 2003
A very good panel i used this with Mike Stones great Sabena crossair aircraft, must have combo.. I combo when wanted to move up jets from light props, now cant get enough of the Bae 146. Few small things could do a re work but nothin complain about in general. Read manual before getting started and enjoy GREAT JOB on one, THANX....
GreatDanerating: 9
March 12, 2003
On of the best panels this site has to offer... Some digits are a bit hard read, but you can live with that... Nice Work
guyonrating: 9
September 27, 2002
A great panel one you should use with several of the better 146 aircraft on this site I would recommend Sabena Crossair models Mike Stone. lot good work and attention to detail has gone into panel...thanks
Anonymousrating: 9
September 9, 2002
BNVErnstrating: 10
July 11, 2002
A great panel in optic an function Must have immediatly
puffenrating: 9
July 3, 2002
Worked very nice with the AA146s by Tony Madge which I downloaded other day. Nice work