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FS2002 Next-generation SST2007 Air France II A next-generation SuperSonic Transport to show up in the year 2007. A not-yet-to-come future configuration aiming at the maximum operating speed mach 2. 7, seating capacity for 300 passengers, and range 14, 000km. Next-generation SST2007 Series featuring far enhanced flight dynamics which enable a stable and pleasant cruising up to around mach 1. 5, innovative moving flipper-ailerons, flaps, tail skid, and landing gears, landing light, and landing gear covers in smooth animation. This model is depicted as one in Air France livery. By Shigeru Tanaka

Filesize: 255.00 Kb | Added on: Mar 20, 2002 | Downloads: 3525

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FS2002 generation SST2007 Air France II A SuperSonic. Rating: 4.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

Kronotaurrating: 4
November 26, 2002
I downloaded this some time ago and think it is worthless. Pathetic. Usless. couldn t take off. the weight balances thrust ratings on side are so bad that aircraft turns or lists sharp right slightly down. It does off quite fast however. In its protection, if you could change of flight dynamics to make more flyable would be in my opinion a worthy aircraft. looks almost comical when see frontal view. The engines look like cigars all for them. flames never goaway even shut down creater needs put work into one If have any problems with it, please list DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK sorry.