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FS2002 Aircraft Olympic Cessna 152 SX-BDP Include Full (1)

FS2002 Aircraft Olympic Cessna 152 SX-BDP Include : Full Movings Parts 3D (Flap, Aleron, Rudder, etc), Transparent Windows with reflejo, Real Prop Type F2000, pilot 3D, 3D Blade, Full Checklist, separate switch Land Nav, strobe, Custom Panel and Full View. Notes : The model featured is the SX-BDP used for Pilot training flights by OAv (a subsidiary of Olympic Airways) within Greece. This aircraft with another two 152s (SX-BDR and SX-BDQ) are based at Athens Hellenikon Airport. They are the three littleest aircraft based at Athens International airport, which often have to arrive or depart between a 747 or an A340. They are operated by OAvs Pilot Training School SEXOA for OAv and private trainees. Aircraft SX-BDR was delivered to OAv on 26 09 1980 and the other two were there five months ea
Show more... rlier. With Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) and Aircraft Animator Abacus Gauges: download Flightsim Designed Model and Gauge: Marcelo Cnovas FDE: Raul Acevedo. Painted: Mauricio Illanes Bitmap View Aircraft : Repainted mauricio Illanes. Repainted:Maximos Sevastopoulos Show less...

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FS2002 Aircraft Olympic Cessna 152 SX-BDP Include Full. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

nvr2l855rating: 7
November 10, 2005
Too much climb on take off for reality.