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FS2002 Granada Spain2K Spain2001

Granada Spain2K Spain2001. This scenario is not only the city of Granada. It is the reproduction from the To "Al Hambra" (the red). The strength but emblematic of the Andalusian earth. It is compatible with Span2001 and Spain2k Those that Spain2k possesses will have to carry out the since experiment I don't have it installed. As for that area the land is the same one I suppose that it can work them. To use it is necessary to install textures NOVA Brief history The year 711 the Muslims of the north of Africa entered in the Peninsula in help of those in favor of the king Witiza. Before the military inoperancia of the Castilians and the population's indulgence they seized in three years of almost the whole Peninsula. Their frontiers settled down to the Northeast in one lines that she goes fro
Show more... m Huesca-Lerida-Tortos a. Catalonia you except for of their influence being always supported by those kings of the north of the pirinean. In 1212 Castilians, aragoneses, navarros and European crusaders defeated them near they Bailen. This date I mark the beginning of an unstoppable decline of the Muslim power in the Iberian peninsula that alone she will already know the glorious parenthesis that it is known like Kingdom NAZARI. In the year 1238 Muhammad I founder of that dynasty builds inside the Alhambra the Citadel (A). To see Plane. In the year 1333, Yusuf I builds the Door of Justice (C) and Palace of Comares (B). In 1354 Muhammad V builds the Room of the Lions inside of the combined Comares (B), Year 1491 during the reign of Muhammad XII have end the Arab dominance in the peninsula. The notables they were expelled but I am the flat town that was mixing with the Castilian Today in day it cannot make sure that a Castilian, an Andalusian, a Valencian etc. doesn't have mixture of Arab blood in his blood-vessel. In Catalonia this is noticed with the citizens of the areas of Lerida and Tortosa. Although they are Catalan they are different to the autochthonous of Gerona and Barcelona. Show less...

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