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CFS Macro Type 98 APC So-Da. (Kyuhachi-shiki Sokounpansha So-Da) CFS Version of a WWII ground vehicle. The type 98 APC So-Da was a tracked armored personnel carrier and artillery tractor, developed by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. The original Type 97 Te-Ke tankette was successfully used in combat in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War of 1938-1945. Soon after the introduction of the Type 97 Te-Ke, an unarmed version designed to serve in the role of armoured personnel carrier and ammunition carrier was also promoted by the Army Technical Bureau. Although the Japanese army had employed mechanized infantry formations in China from the mid-1930s, the general view of field commanders was that armored transports were too slow compared with normal trucks, and were unable to k
Show more... eep up with the speed necessary for contemporary infantry tactics, so only a small quantity was produced. The Type 98 So-Da was based on the Type 97 Te-Ke tankette chassis, with its weight reduced by removal of its main cannon and machine guns. It had a crew of 2 and carried 10 soldiers, with a maximum loading capacity of 1 ton. The Type 98 So-Da served in many fronts as an infantry support vehicle for the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval Landing Forces (Marines), during World War II. Specifications Type. Tracked armored personnel carrier (APC) Crew. 2+10 Engine. Ikega air-cooled 4-cyl. diesel 65 hp 2300 rpm. Length. 3. 80 m Width. 1. 90 m Height. 1. 6 m Weight. 4700 kg Max. Speed. 42 km h Range. 250 km Suspension. 2-wheel bogie (Source. Wikipedia on line) I have created this api macro with Easy Object Designer (EOD), Version 2. 0. 47 (Matthias Br ckner), to generate a static Type 98 APC So-Da, used by Imperial Japanese Army and Marines on WWII. This macro was tested only in CFS1 sceneries, but I believe that can work without problems in CFS2-3 and FS2000-2002. All mine API macros, could be included on objects libraries with crash detection (for CFS missions), but must be distributed with the original API-MACRO copyright. Edmundo Abad Santiago-Chile November 2012 Show less...

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