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HAL FAR FLOAT BASE MALTA version 1. 0. by Stew Stewart (Robert J. Stewart, Jr. ) ((You MUST have Aerosoft s Islands of Malta installed and working!!!) ) ((The next few sections are background, limitations, quirks, and history. If you wish, go right to INSTALLATION which I plan to keep more sterile and direct. ) ) MY CONNECTION TO MALTA. My Mother was born in Sliema, Malta, in 1925. She was raised in Velletta, Malta. Living on the waterfront of Grand Harbour, she learned to swim, perhaps, before she learned to walk. Though aristocracy [on her Mother s (Vassallo) side) ], her immediate Family (Vassallo-Lapira) lost everything during WWII. An air raid which resulted in the all but leveling of her home killed her Father, Paul Lapira. My Mother s Brother, my Uncle Edwin Lapira, was in charge of
Show more... the antiaircraft batteries around Grand Harbour in some function and degree through at least part of the war he told of the 21 Italian (then enemy) PT boats which entered the harbor to attack and destroy its facilities. Not one of the PT boats escaped the harbor. At the end of the War, my dear Uncle remained in the British Army (Malta was, at the time, a British Protectorate and her citizens were British Subjects) and took what was left of his immediate Family with him as he was stationed in Tripoli, Libya (then North Africa). Enter a slick, young US Army Air Forces Lieutenant, one Robert J. Stewart (not me; notice the Jr. at the end of my name I wasn t a slick, young USAF Lieutenant until about 25 years later, but that s another story). To shorten a much longer and very romantic story, after they were married in the Wheelus AB (now Mitiga International Airport) Chapel, Mom & Dad moved to the North Bay area of San Francisco. Dad flew out of Traverse AFB. Over the next few years and after Mom became a US Citizen, they sponsored Mom s Mother; Mom s elder Sister and two of her children; my Uncle Edwin, his Wife, and their infant Daughter; and an unmarried elder Brother and younger Sister. Once again, to shorten a much longer story, I was raised on tales of St. Paul s ship wreck (and the Legend of the Snake), the perennial fighting and sieges to rule Malta (Who rules Malta controls the Mediterranean!) including the Ottoman Siege, and the most emotional tales of the Maltese defiance and perseverance through the horrible bombings of WWII. Of some clear memory were her stories of hiding from the bombs, the deception the British used to obscure the harbor and the airfields, and the heroism of the Maltese people leading to the presentation to everyone on the Island the George Cross. MY Hal Far Float Base. I am neither a scenery designer nor a scenery builder. I do not purport to possess any real talent in such endeavors. I build scenery for my own use and I find it very easy to excuse myself for the many flaws in my scenery. Hal Far Float Base is a figment of my imagination. It does not and never has existed. With the publication or Mr. O. Morris very fine Hal Far Royal Naval Air Station (halfarv2. zip) as it existed in the WWII era, I felt a question was left being loudly begged. With the Axis baring down, with all the RAF and RN flight activity and the many defensive air bases, should there not be a seaplane base? My heart told me the British had surely missed the boat when they failed to install such a defensive float base. I did spend hours locating and surveying the coast for facilities areas. The beach just southeast of Hal Far RNAS struck me as the best suited and most logical site. It was only after many hour of placing scenery that, while researching another facet of Maltese Military and flight history, I stumbled upon the Kalafrana RN Seaplane Base just around the corner to the right in the protected bay from my Hal Far Float site. With too much time invested, I decided to finish Hal Far Float Base. No piece of scenery is ever really finished. I consciously omitted the following items get to the scenery published. I did have an eye on frame rates, but my machine suffers no such maladies. I would appreciate any feedback. I omitted. vehicles workbenches, tools, racks, and other interior details static aircraft though I have my eyes on some and some of the conversion to static aircraft softwares show promise a couple of swordfish and an RN and RAF XC-47 would be interesting!!! cargo and clutter lots of sail and motor boats out in the waters surrounding the base and the civilian marina There are some quirks. I do not know why some scenery objects especially RW & TW lights, roads, and some ground cover polygons show they are installed properly while building them, and, at the next Flight Sim opening, they are at different and inappropriate levels (usually losing, but sometimes gaining, altitude). Some (a very few) scenery objects do not show up in the top-down view. Some of the Civilian Marina scenery objects are built into the West End Sea Supply. BGL. I closed a scenery building session and, when I returned to building, I failed to adjust the default save location and initially began saving marina objects in the ship supply depot this has no impact unless you find yourself turning any of the. BGLs on and off. THE FILES IN THE. ZIP FILE Unzip my MALTAHalFarFloatv10. zip file to a temporary folder of your choice. You should see these. Hal-Far Float folder containing scenery folder containing Hal-Far Civilian Marina. bgl Hal-Far East End Barracks Area. bgl Hal-Far Float. bgl Hal-Far RW2004. BGL Hal-Far West End Sea Supply. bgl Readme. txt this file (so you are already unzipped and ready since you are reading this file!!!!) Readme. doc the Readme. txt file saved in Microsoft Word 2003 format Flight Files. MALTA Hal Far Float. FLT MALTA Hal Far Float. WX Screen Shots folder contains. JPG views of the base and its major divisions. thumbnail. gif a picture file use by the Web Master Show less...

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