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WETS WHITNEY ONTARIO VERSION 1. PRESENT DAY, for FS9 released on 06 May 2012 by Stew Stewart (Robert J. Stewart, Jr. ) ((The next few sections are background, limitations, quirks, and history. If you wish, go right to INSTALLATION which I plan to keep more sterile and direct. ) ) I am neither a scenery designer nor a scenery builder. I do not purport to possess any real talent in such endeavors. I build scenery for my own use and I find it very easy to excuse myself for the many flaws in my scenery. WETS. The Wacker Excursions and Transport Service (WETS) is my (virtual) air charter and air cargo company. I created it in the early 1990s shortly after I retired from the US Air Force and returned to teaching science instead of engaging in any endeavors which would gain me any wealth. WETS is
Show more... my virtual effort toward the same end. WETS is a living but not too much more because we throw most of our earnings back into the operation. Over the years we have become larger, have sufficient aircraft for any need, and have dedicated bases and leased facilities over an area that surprises even us! We operate no jet aircraft nor turboprops. The Hancock AP, Syracuse, NY, Headquarters are located on the Northeast portion of the field on the paved (or mostly paved) remnants of the closed 06 24 RW (at the 24 end). This branch of the incorporated company serves anyone we can get to pay us for flying services. The backbone of the NY operations is passengers, their baggage, their fishing and camping gear, and the regular and emergency cargo needs of outlying and remote organizations of all descript. Our normal operations center in the Adirondack Mountains area of NY and up to the Algonquin area of Ontario. Shuttles to Lake Placid and a round robin shuttle in Central and Northland NY become scheduled flights as the need arises, usually during international winter sports events and during the New York State Fair in Syracuse. There is also a Knik River, AK, Base with facilities service thousands of square miles in the Anchorage-Fairbanks parks, mountains, and bush areas of Alaska. I may publish our existing facilities (WETS Syracuse, WETS1 at Knick River, our Anchorage lodge and shuttle facilities, along with our leased facilities around Alaska) at some future date. Unfortunately (though a great step forward when it was released), most of our main facilities were built using LAGO. Since they still serve their purposes, I have not even considered replacing the many structures with EZ Scenery or any of the current scenery building softwares. The Whitney Land and Float Base. Whitney is our newest Base. Our traffic to Algonquin became and remains sufficiently dense to justify a closer base of operations than was available. Leasing, then owning and maintaining a bus and truck fleet to move people and equipment from even the closest existing air fields became a burden on our operation and to our customers (I am suppose to begin calling our patrons clientele, but I am having difficulty making the transition from hard working, hard flying boss of a vital air service to that of being a gentleman owner and operator of a large international flight transportation entity). Whitney, Ontario, is generally centrally located to our needs and lies just outside of the East Portal of the Algonquin Provincial Park. The purchase of land and the construction to meet local building and Canadian government flight requirements created expenses offset by a reduction of motor fleet and the associated reduction in maintenance expenses, a marginal reduction in flight times, and a loan whose amortization period is ridiculously long resulted in the economy associated with actually owning and operating a general aviation base. Yes, the land and float operation of the Whitney facility along with its facilities is as virtual as my WETS corporation and operation a figment of my imagination. The up side of a fictitious operation like mine is that I can also imaging it operates at a small profit!. .. Show less...

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