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CFS Polikarpov I-153 chaika (Winter textures). The Russian Polikarpov I-153 Chaika (Seagull) was a late 1930s Soviet biplane fighter. Developed as an advanced version of the I-152 with a retractable landig gear. The I-153 fought in the Soviet-Japanese combats in Mongolia on Summer 1939 (Nomonhan Incident on Manchkuoan-Mongolian border), the Winter War against Finland on 1939-40, and was one of the Soviets major fighter types in the early years of the Second World War. This virtual model represent the I-153 red twelve, on winter camouflage. This machine was captured by Finnish forces on the Leningrad Front on June 25, 1941, and entered finnish servide with IT-19 registration number. Based on FS98 Herv Devred Bruno Duffort original. Panel by G. Vinet Die Staffel group. All reworked to CFS, with new air file, up-scaled, damage profile, moving parts and new textures by Edmundo Abad, 2012.

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