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CFS Hawker Hart (Radial engine). The Hawker Hart and its many derivations, the Demon, Audax, Hardy, Hind, Osprey and Hector must have been the multi-role aircraft of the 1930s. Constructed by Sydney Camm, the prototype Hart flew for the first time in 1928 with production machines reaching RAF service in 1930. Sweden acquired the license for series production in Sweden by ASJA, G taverken and CFM. All Swedish Harts were powered by Bristol Mercury VII engines of 580 hp. radial engines, which resulted in an angular, less elegant appearance than their British Kestrel-engined counterparts. 42 machines were produced in total. In Swedish service the aircraft received a military designation B4 and was primarily used as a dive bomber. During the Winter War of 1939-40 between Finland and the Soviet
Show more... Union, the Swedish volunteer unit F 19 (Flygflottiljen 19). oerated for 62 days in the northern Finland. The unit was equipped with aircraft purchased with the money collected among the Swedish public. 12 Gloster Gladiators Mk. I fighters, 5 Hawker Harts dive bombers and two Junkers F-13 transport. This virtual model represent the Hart black M, on finnish winter war camouflage. A replica of this machine is yet preserved and displayed at the Swedish Air Force Museum in Link ping, Sweden. As second set of textures, I have included the Hart #1301, the first Hart made at Sweden, but powered by Bristol Pegaus IM2, instead the Mercury VII engine. Based on FS. 5 FSFS Mike Hill original. All reworked to CFS, with new air file, up-scaled, damage profile, moving parts and new textures by Edmundo Abad, 2012. Notes. This virtual model is up-scaled to obtain a better view in Combat Flight Simulator. (for accurate scale in FS98, replace the file Hart-fin. mdl by Hart-fin. old. mdl and rename this as Hart-fin. mdl) Show less...

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