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CFS Hawker Hartbees. The Hawker Hartbees was the South African version of Hawker Hart. His role was light-bomber and was built for the South African Air Force with modifications made from the Audax. Sixty-five of these aircraft were built, and the serial number #851 is yet preserved on a south african museum. The aircraft saw action in Italian East Africa (Abyssinia), fighting against italian planes on Kenya-Abyssinia front. Based on Mike Hill original. Reworked to CFS, with new air file, up-scaled, moving parts, damage profile, and new BMP textures by Edmundo Abad, 2012. Notes. This virtual model is up-scaled to obtain a better view in Combat Flight Simulator. (for accurate scale in FS98, replace the file Hartbees. mdl by Hartbees. old. mdl and rename this as Hartbees. mdl)

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