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CFS Macro Hino Type 1 Ho-Ki Upgrade. CFS Version of a WWII ground vehicle. Upgrade of Ho-Ki APC macro, now with transparent textures on tracks sides. This file replace my previous Ho-Ki api macros. The Type 1 Ho-Ki APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) was developed in 1942 as a result of a request from the Imperial Army for a heavy armored artillery tractor which could also serve as a personnel transport. Production of both tracked and half-track APCs began in 1941, and both versions were confusingly designated Type 1. The fully-tracked Type 1 Ho-Ki was built by Hino Motors. The Type 1 Ho-Ki had an unusual silhouette, in that the drivers cab did not reach across the front of the hull, but stopped short about mid-way across the center line. Only one driver was required (although two were typical
Show more... ly employed), who manipulated the left and right movement of the tracks via a pair of tiny steering wheels. Transport capacity was about thirteen men, and the maximum armor thickness was 6 mm. The engine was up front but the transmission at the rear. The hull was welded construction, and open-topped. The drivers visor was protected by a hinged cover and he had a door in the left side of his compartment. Behind that was the commanders station with another side door. The drivers compartment and engine compartment were both up front, side-by-side with the engine to the right of the armored cab. The rest of the passengers used a rear doors. The engine, was a 6-cylinder, in-line, valve-in-head, air-cooled diesel. The total number produced is unknown. Initial deployment of the Type 1 Ho-Ki was to the China for operations in the ongoing Second Sino-Japanese War, but were never in any great numbers. The Type 1 Ho-Ki was later deployed with Japanese reinforcements to the Philippines in 1944; however, most were lost when the transport ships carrying them were sunk by American submarines on the way, and only a few were available for Japanese commanders at the Battle of the Philippines. I have made two version of this APC vehicle, with colors of the Imperial Japanese Army. APC open APC covered with tent roof I have created this api macro with Easy Object Designer (EOD), Version 2. 2. 85 (Matthias Br ckner), to generate the static Ho-Ki APC, with use of BMP transparent textures, oriented to CFS scenery designers and that they work with Airport 2. 0 or later. This macro was tested only in CFS1 sceneries, but I believe that can work without problems in CFS2-3 and FS2000-2002. All mine API macros, could be included on objects libraries with crash detection (for CFS missions), but must be distributed with the original API-MACRO copyright. Edmundo Abad Santiago-Chile January 2012. Show less...

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