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FSX Boeing 777-200LR Emirates. This aircraft contains the work of 4 individuals, all of which are credited in the Description data that can be studied before loading her from your aircraft library. I use U. S. Code 107 (The Fair Use Doctrine) to help protect me from copyright infringement since I do what I do for educational purposes only, without regard to any monetary goal. The law can be read at the web link as follows. http. www. law. cornell. edu uscode html uscode17 uscsec1700000107000- . html I have learned some very unique techniques through the years that have become useful in making FS aircraft fly very close to the real thing, and this is not an easy task. In most cases, all of the real world data for the aircraft in question is not publicly available, and this requires tweaks h
Show more... ere and there that only experience, and sometimes a lot of math, can play a role. Fortunately, the 777-200LR data is available for almost every important aspect used in FSX. They have all been employed here including those for the engines. The Boeing 777 is a fly-by-wire aircraft and is controlled primarily by its 3 redundant onboard computers through the autopilot system. Although landing can be achieved without pilot control, it is not recommended, and autopilot is never used to land her (manual control at 500 ft MSL). Take-off, on the other hand, as well as climb, cruise, and speed can be controlled with autopilot. Settings for take-off should be as follows. Speed. 250 Altitude. Desired (up to ceiling) set to Desired Flight Level AutoThrottle. On GPS NAV. GPS Autopilot. Off Climb Rate. 0. 0 Heading. Desired after take-off Lights. On Pulling from the gate can be achieved with reverse thrust, by double-tapping the key until you see reverse movement this will also help you burn some extra fuel (you start at 2, 000 lb overweight). Realistically, you will start at a Heavy Gate, follow ATC instructions, taxi to runway, check weight before requesting take-off, and flaps down 3 notches. When aligned on the runway, with auto-throttle engaged, select the speed button to spool-up and achieve take-off speed. At about 110 KIAS select the autopilot CMD switch and the ALT HOLD switch to begin your climb. Pull gear up when no longer over the runway. Pull flaps up at 1, 000 feet AGL. Increase climb rate to 2, 000 f m. Upon ATC clearance, select NAV HOLD to continue your route. Turn off Taxi and Landing Lights. At FL100, increase speed to 275 KIAS. Turn off strobe lights. At FL180, increase speed to 330 KIAS. Maintain 330 KIAS to Mach. 84, then switch to mach hold. Maintain climb at Mach. 84 to desired flight level. Remember that the autopilot speed hold will maintain a slower speed than selected during a climb, and opposite during a descent. If the aircraft appears to be going too slow, decrease the climb rate by 500 f m. Once the desired altitude is achieved, nothing else is necessary until it is time to land. Normally, at this point, I allow the aircraft to cruise to her destination, which is normally more than 8 hours away. If you are flying from Dubai to Dallas, or Visa-Versa, it will be a minimal 12 hour flight, and normally a 16 hour flight (depends on altitude, speed, etc. ). It is usually my bedtime when I achieve flight level, so when I awake the aircraft is still on course. Descent will be based on the 3 1 rule as explained below. Because this aircraft can fly high and fast, the basic rule has to be modified. The 3 1 rule is based on aircraft flying at FL300, Mach. 74. 3 1 Rule First Two Numbers In Flight Level X 3 for descent start distance. FL300 (30) X 3 90 nm out for descent A. 777 3 1 Rule First Two Numbers In Flight Level X 3 plus 30 above FL300 B. 777 3 1 Rule First Two Numbers In Flight Level X 3 plus 40 above FL400 Example a. Descent distance at FL350 35 X 3 105 plus 30 135 nm Example b. Descent distance at FL430 43 X 3 129 plus 40 169 nm Make your descent rate 2, 000 ft min in order to meet the above data. If you note you are too far away, or too close, adjust your climb descent rate accordingly. The aircraft has 6 flap positions. As with all aircraft, the amount of flap used to slow is relevant to the speed and attack angle. Nose level is Okay. Nose up slightly is Okay. Nose Down Is BAD! Use the flaps to slow, but use only what it takes to keep her slow with a slight nose-up pitch upon landing. Of course you will have to fly away from the runway, and all of this I expect you to know how to do. You will find that once the autopilot for your selected ILS Runway is active it will work best if you stay at or below 180 KIAS on approach. Landing speed is 150 KIAS. Again, use only enough flap to keep the attack angle slightly above zero. Turn off all autopilot settings at about 500 ft AGL before the runway. Hit the key just before landing and manually control the landing. Hit the Key to raise the spoilers at touchdown, and reverse thrust when front gear are on the ground. Use brakes at 50 KIAS, then Taxi. Everything up at that point, flaps, spoilers, and throttle control is your s (all should be zeroed). Taxi as directed by ATC. FINAL. I am not a tutor, so please do not send E-mail to me based on your inability to fly HEAVY aircraft in FSX. I understand that most aircraft in FSX, or offered for FSX do not perform like the REAL THING, and that is a problem I m trying to resolve with my re-works. However, because my re-works include Real World Flight and Engine Dynamics, it is much more likely that you will be able to fly my planes without tutoring. If you find something that should be addressed or corrected, please let me know. Do Not contact those listed other than me because they will have no clue as to what you are referring to. I hope you enjoy this aircraft. Douglas E. Trapp FS Flight Dynamics Engineer Arlington, Texas KC6ZOFatYahoo. com Show less...

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