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Fs2004 Mariscal Sucre International Airport SEQU. Welcome to SEQU! This airport is included in the list of most dangerous in the world and it is also on of the highest. I took the liberty of recreating this airports since the default version did not do it justice. I used mostly default FS9 libraries as well as some popular libraries. There is plently of parking especially for the night time flood of sleeping airliners. The city of Quito was also updated. I added alot more high rise buildings to the south side of airport as you will see in pictures. That green mass you see at the Eastside of the airport is a golf course with sand traps. There is one terminal that is slit into International and Domestic. I do not and could not find the proper gate numbers are well as actual parking spots. It
Show more... is rare to find layout charts for SEQU that would show the parking if any. I used the few pictures I could find on Google as well as Google maps to make the airport layout. PARKING. Gate I1 to I7 are international, Gates D1 to D6 are Domestic (although Gates D4 to D6 are outside of terminals reach, it is actually used to service passengers as they walk to and from the terminal). The DOCKS are sheltered parking a. k. a Hangers, they are as follows. DOCK 1-4 are large aircraft hangers, the Docks in the twenties are for General Aviation aircraft. There are overflow parking spots as well as cargo and mil cargo spots. Dock 21 has doors that operate-tune NAV2 to 112. 0. Due to some limitations to FS9s AI engine, I have observed that few Ai aircaft tend to approach too high or approach too high on their next shot after a go around. My parking radius for my major aircraft as follows, I thought them resonable for flight sim afcads. A380-47m, B747-42, B773 A345 A346-42m, A343 A333 A332-38m, B763 A310 A300-32m, A318 F100 B735 B736 B717-20m, A319 B733 B737-21m, A320 B734 B738-23m, A321 B739 MD80 MD90 B727-25m, E190-19m, AT72 CRJ900 and others of similar size-18m, CRJ200 and others of similar size-14m; all units in meters. Airline assignments are from wikipedia. Enjoy! This scenery requires the following libraries if you dont already have them. -defaultterminalsss -fs9customobjectsss1 -fs9jetwaysss1 -fs9custombuildingss s1 -fs9custombuildingss s2 -objects01alibbgl -ezfueltanks -ezhangers -ezterminals -ez extraobjects or extraobjects -ABmisc I have also used Airport Environment Upgrade 7 and 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be ADVISED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you open up AF2SEQU2011 with any afcad editor, be sure you dont edit mySEQUExclude. bgl, it with show up as SEQU Exclude. If edited, the excludes will be erased. Installation. You know the drill.. . extract SEQU2011 to where ever -Put SEQU2011 into addon sceneries or where you want it and add to you FS9 scenery library Future Projects. LFPG, will include the expanded Terminal 2 Pier and Terminal 2G. It will be an update to another scenery. use at own risk, there should be no harm of course XD Anthony Miller miraasanatgmail. com Show less...

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