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LaGuardia Airport KLGA by Kambiz Agazi KLGA V1. represents a modification to the stock FSX Acceleration airport may work with FSX Sp1 sp2, but not tested. Version 1 major Changes to LaGuardia Airport include the following. 1. Updated all approaches including transitions for all runways per November 2011 plates; 2. Updated all DPs and STARs per November 2011 plates; 3. Updated all Terminal gate numbers and Terminal airline assignments per Official records; 4. Updated taxiway layout and signs per November 2011 airport diagram and VE; 5. Apron pavement type reworked per VE; 6. New control Tower added with Tower view; 7. New Helipad locations and reworked GA Transient ramp area; 8. Crosswind runway technique applied to link Rwys 22 and 31 AND Rwys 4 and 13; 9. Included five Diamond and or Over
Show more... lay crossings at holdshort points crossing runways 4 22 and 13 31, and completed the vehicle path network and added additional fuel trucks for more fluid ground operations; and 10. Added some airport facilities per VE. IMPORTANT In order to see the Terminal and apron spot lighting youll need to install the wonderful lights from Jim Dhaenens. Im including his light files with this package. To install Jims lights, place the lightobj. bgl file in your. .. Microsoft Flight Simulator XSceneryGlobalscener y folder and almwht. dds and lights1. dds files in. .. Microsoft Flight Simulator XSceneryGlobalTextur e folder KLGA Installation. The preferred method is to create a folder called KLGA with a scenery subfolder. Place the three KLGA bgl files in the scenery subfolder. You will need to activate the KLGA scenery subfolder once in FSX. I suggest placing it at or near the top of the scenery priority list above ALL regional, state or national scenery including UTX USA. There is a known bug in Win7 when it comes to adding scenery in FSX. This bug can be googled for the simple solution. Im providing a link to one such discussion. http. www. fsnb. ca fsxscenery. html I have tested KLGA v1 using FSX Acceleration on Win7 64bit. I have only included a few Acceleration scenery objects; users who do not have Acceleration installed will not see the extra objects. All other scenery objects are FSX SP1 SP2 default and should be visible to all users. I believe this scenery will work with FSX Sp1 Sp2, but I can only provide support for users with Acceleration. While not needed for the scenery to work, I also tested to ensure that KLGA works with UTX USA, Scenery Tech North America, and FS Genesis 10m USA Mesh. CREDITS. KLGA v1 was created using the powerful airport design utility by Jon Masterson (ADE V1. 50. 18 Pro). Please visit here. http. www. airportdesigneditor. co. uk for more information. The approach code was updated using FAA approach plates and ADE V1. 50. 18. A special thanks to Jim Vile who is a member of the ADE team and is the author of the approach code module of ADE. None of my approaches would be possible without Jims coding and examples. A special thanks to Jim Dhaenens for use of his lights with freeware packages. Special Note Real World Runway Preferences adapted in this version. 4 open for arrival only 22 open for arrival only 13 open for departure only 31 open for departure only Runways 22 and 31 are set for calm wind runway usage in FSX. Report all major errors to. kambizagaziathotmail . com Show less...

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