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Spindrift air and sea-going vessel FS9. You are the Captain of the Spindrift, a sturdy air and sea-going vessel that can mostly be described as Stardust Steampunk. Max the throttle and let her reach about 130 knots or so, and she should begin to rotate out of the water. If you have trouble getting out of the water, double check that the wind is at your stern, a headwind will likely prevent rotation. Medium throttle is best for cruising. When landing her, just watch that you pitch up a little or youll swamp the engine room with water over the bow, & risk dousing the furnace. Shell be impossible to restart if you swamp er. Thanks to Chris Dotson, who provided help with gauge placement. Not to be re-uploaded anywhere without permission. Offered as Freeware, for fun & recreation. These files a
Show more... re clean and should not mess with your PC. I will not be held responsible for any damage, real or percieved, to your hardware or software. Oh, and if you havent seen the movie Stardust, I highly recommend it. There is a flying ship way cooler than mine, with Robert Deniro as Captain Shakespear. I guarantee a good time. This one should inspire your imagination a little. Have some fun, & if you enjoy her, drop me an email & Ill reply. Greetings from northern Ontario. hark2131@yahoo. ca Glenn Crowell hark Show less...

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