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FS9 Hark Aerospace Police Interceptor. The Police Interceptor version of the Hark Aerospace Stratocruiser was adopted universally by police forces in large metropolitan areas when it was released in 3009. A powerful and versatile land vehicle and aircraft, featuring hover VTOL capabilities, forward-mounted machine guns and ridiculous maneuverability. Go to full flaps for VTOL, throttle up to lift off, make sure to have adequate ground clearance and retract flaps while going to full power. Trim up some as shell want to pitch down at speed. Reverse the process to gently set her down anywhere. Shell rotate and land like a traditional aircraft if you like, just stay off the flaps altogether, as they will slow her descent unnaturally for a traditional landing. Featuring retractable wheels and g
Show more... ull-wing doors. When you hit L for lights, the police strobes come on too. Toggle O to turn them on & off, & toggle O off & on to get the strobe patterns alternating again once they sync up, its pretty cool. INSTALL. Unzip this file to a temp folder, then copy and paste the folder labeled Copcar into your main FS9s aircraft folder. And yes, the little pistol-grip rocket launcher is a definite nod to The Dogs Of War. Daryl Hannah gracing the perp screen is my more obvious nod. Enjoy. Uploaded as Freeware to Surclaro. com and Simviation. com, to be enjoyed for non-commercial purposes. Not to be re-uploaded anywhere, period. This file shouldnt mess up your computer.. . if it does email me and Ill respond with much sympathy. (They are clean files and will not mess you up, and no, I will not be held responsible for any damage, real or perceived. ) If you had a good time with my flying copcar email me and Ill reply. Greetings from northern Ontario. hark2131atyahoo. ca Glenn Crowell hark Show less...

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