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FSX new panel and flight dynamics for cessna 172 SP. This package includes new instrument panel and gauges which replaced the default fsx Cessna 172 panel and also new real aircraft flight dynamics. Aircraft Flight Dynamics I changed the aircraft weight, fuel, Moments and Performance properties to fit exactly to the Cessna 172S POH tables. In addition I changed the effects of: Engine, Flaps (lift and drag), controls and ground effect to fit my experience flying of Cessna 172 in real life. 2D Panel The default 2D panel view angle was adjusted to the correct position of the pilot's eye, making landings easier. I also added the nose as visual reference to the Landing View Panel 3D Panel I added two new views to the 3D panel: Left Seat: set the camera in the right position of the pilot's eyes
Show more... and default angle make good runway view and airspeed view, making landings easier. Panoramic view: set the camera behind the pilot seat (just for fun) New Gauges This package includes new Photoreal Gauges which were added to 2D and 3D panel: 1. Six new basic instruments which move very smoothly (especially the attitude indicator) make real IFR flight possible 1. KLN98B GPS 2. KMA24 AUDIO PANEL 3. new set of Bendix Kind Radio-Nav and adf (credits to Pierre FASSEAUX) 4. kap 140 autopilot (credits to Pierre FASSEAUX) 5. Fully working c172S clock (credits to Pierre FASSEAUX) 6. DME that emulate real UHF receive range 7. New VORs gauge with motion to from flag 8. Vertical speed gauges that emulate the G effect problem of this real aircraft gauge Additional Sounds: 1. Stall sound that sounds 5-10 KTS before the stalls occurred 2. Turbulance sound when full rudder is applied or full flaps down By Tomer Haim Show less...

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