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Puerto Rico Airports scenery updates FSX. This work improves two of Puerto Ricos airports; TJIG, Isla Grande or Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci airport and ABO or Antonio Gery Juarbe Pol airport. The intention is not to faithfully reproduce them, i cant since i dont have the resources or experience needed but at least I have tried to create a more dinamic feel of the real thing. Scenery is stock for both except for TJIGs addition of Isla Grande Flying Schools scenery for FS9, wich happens to work in FSX, by Carlos Marrero and wich I totaly recomend to download from Flightsim. com to complete the scenery. As i mentioned, these sceneries should give the airports a more dinamic and closer to the real stuff feel. TJIG Parking spots for Vieques Airlink, Isla Nena and Cape Air. Does Cape Air fly t
Show more... o TJIG? I have no idea but parking spots have been added for Vieques Airlink and Isla Nena, both using the same parking code, VES, and for Cape Air, using KAP as parking code. If you happen to have these AI in you collection just make sure they are assingned these codes or change them in the ADE file using an editor like ADEX. A no assined parking version of TJIG is included in any case. Isla Grande Flying School Cesnna AI Fleet parkings. Theres also parkings assigned for the Isla Grande Flying School Cesnna fleet. These AI are just stock Cesnna to wich I have added some liveries in my collection. You can prepare these AIs doing the following. Make a copy of the default Cesna 172 folder and add AI to the folders name so you can tell it apart. For example, C172-AI. If you wish, find some new textures for the Cesnnas but remember to assing a new title for each in the aircraft. cfg. Then you would have to design the flight plans for them or add to the included one here. Inside the new C172-AI folder, open the aicraf. cfg file and after the entry atcparkingtypes R of each paint or liverie add the following, atcparkingcodes IGF This code is fictitious but if you think any of your AI is using it, just change it to what ever you wish as long as it is also changed in the parking types of the airport, using ADEX or any other airport editor. That is, parking codes in the aiport parkings must be the same as in the aircraft. cfg parking types entries. You also need to assign an exclusive Title entry for each AI. You may assign one of your own or use the AI sufix. To easy things up a bit you may just copy the content of the included copy to aircraft. cfg. txt file to replace the [fltsim. xx] entries of your copy of the stock Cesnna to use as AI. Remember you should be working with a copy of the stock C172 folder. Leave the original untouch ABO As in TJIG, hangars have been added or replaced. New parking spot have been added or moved along with some reconfiguration of the aprons and taxiways. Fences have been added too at ABO. AI Some Cesnna AIs from TJIGs Cesnna Fleet will stop at ABO for a while but also some fictitious traffic, all default, have been included. You will find these traffic files in this package. Problems. I have not been able to remove the bushes on the ABO aprons and runway. I beleive it will require to work with the terrain or landclass. Any suggestions are welcome! If any scenery objects do not show, it may be because i may have some objects from another library i have. Just let me know wich ones, if any, does not show and ill see what i can do. Installation 1-Extract PRAirports to you desktop and then move the PRAirports folder to the Addon Scenery directory. 2-Go to http. www. flightsim. com and search for islag. zip. 3-Download the islag. zip and extract to your desktop. Move Only the folders scenery and texture to the PRAirports directory you have already place in the Addon Scenery directory in FSX. It will ask you to merge the folders, allow it to do so. 4-If you wish to use the no assigned parking option for TJIG, rename the includedADEXTJIGFSXn oparkingassigments. bgl to ADEXTJIGFSX. bgl and move it to the PRAirports scenery folder overwriting the previous one. If not, skip to step 5. 5-Move the traffic files to the scenery world scenery directory in your FSX root folder. 6-Start FSx and activate PRAirports like any other scenery. Note. Carlos Marreros scenery is copywrighted so i cant include it here. Just go to the address shown above to dowload it. Remember it is for FSX9 but in my system it showed up fine so i hope it does in yours too. As for my work, feel free to modify or change anything you think may improve it but please let me know so that may enjoy it too.. ) Credits and thanks to. Carlos Marrero for hes Isla Grande Flying School scenery. (Hope some day itll be updated. Nice job!) Scruffy Duck for Adex. AIFP2 for their flight planning tool. Of course, Microsoft for their nice Cesnna 172. Enjoy! Fred Guerra freguerfontatgmail. com 11 02 2011 Show less...

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