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ATI Posky Boeing 747. I searched the NET every where for a good image of the Air Transport Internal logo and could find one. So I took it upon myself to create a high quality version in GIMP. I created this logo using a lower quality logo, this took me a couple of hours to get right. You have my full permission to use this logo as you wish, provided you give me credit. I have implemeted certain features into the logo which only I can recognize, so if you use it and claim it as yours, trust me I will know and you are a mean person. I have also included the GIMP. xcf file which has the actual paths that you can use to paint the logo. You can use this as you please too, it is a bonus. Im not a greedy person and keep it to myself. Use the logo for your repaints or anything you like, it was inc
Show more... luded with this package as part of a BONUS. Altho the logo is 100% my work in GIMP, the copyright holder is Air Transport International, L. L. C. and I do not claim any rights to the design and colors of the logo. Visit http. www. airtransport. cc to learn more about this great cargo airline, tell them I sent you! Rafael Perez-Santana mr. rafael. psatgmail. com youtube. com faostube Show less...

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