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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Project Airbus A319-112 B&H Airlines. This is B&H Airlines A319-112 with semi photoreal parts (doors, windows, signs) in 32bit format, dirt version ;) installation instructions Extract the folder Project Airbus A319-112 B&H Airlines to your Aircrafts floder in Flight Simulator 9, And copy Effect flies to your Effect folder in Flight Simulator 9. copyright All files included in the official releases, as well as paint kits, are copyrighted by Project Airbus. Under NO circumstances are any of the contents to be edited or modified in ANY manner. Officially released paints by Project Airbus and its guest painters CANNOT be modified or edited in any manner without the express permission of the authors concerned in writing via an electronic medium. Anyone found doing so without permission from th
Show more... e author (s) concerned will be held accountable under applicable laws. The paintkit texture files may be used by painters to paint the liveries they choose. However, if any of these are uploaded for use by the general community, all we ask is the relevant credits to Project Airbus to be included in release; if not, the concerned file will be reported to the hosting site concerned and a request will be made to have it deleted from the same. Commercial misuse. All copyrighted material, source files and other files developed by Project Airbus are forbidden to be sold or misused either in whole or part thereof in any manner that would term the nature of the misuse as commercial either involving money or kind. In simple terms, you CANNOT repackage either in whole or in part thereof, any of the above mentioned files for sale. Anyone found doing so will be held accountable severely under the applicable laws. We intend to keep our efforts freeware, so we ask you to please respect the views of the authors who have invested their hard earned money, time and energy into this project. Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions specified under Copyright can be modified by Project Airbus at any time without any prior notification and it remains the sole prerogative of Project Airbus to decide the nature of the change. Any and all changes will be posted officially by Project Airbus on the relevant website forums. Repaited by. Igor Papic e-mail. papic. igoratgmail. com Show less...

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